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958 Cayenne DIY: Diesel Oil Change


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Default 958 Cayenne DIY: Diesel Oil Change

This article describes changing the engine oil and filter in my Cayenne diesel. This procedure roughly follows GNAT's procedure over at 6Speedonline. The car requires an oil change every 5K miles. The diesel uses a special low ash oil to Porsche oil spec C30 or VW TDI oil 504 00 or 507 00. You'll need about 8 quarts. I buy two six packs of the Castrol VW TDI oil from Amazon. The Porsche oil filter is P/N 958 107 222 20 or Mahle OX420D and M14 x 20 x 1.5 drain plug crush washer ( ECS Tuning ES248399 ).

The steps I followed are:
1. Remove both parts of the under tray using a 10 mm socket and remove the engine cover making sure you get all four of the rubber cover bushings off.
2. Safely raise the car and put wooden blocks under the front wheels. Those with air suspension can do some tricky stuff to raise the car.
3. Wrap the cross brace under the oil pan with aluminum foil to keep it clean from oil drain

Cross member wrapped in tin foil

4. Remove the oil filler cap to let the crankcase vent
5. Put a suitable drain pan under the drain plug and remove the drain plug. It takes a 6 mm Allen. Make sure you are removing the engine drain plug and not the front differential drain plug ( 8 mm ) as GNAT says.

Oil filter, accessory dipstick assembly, oil fill port

6. While the oil is draining go topside and crack open the oil filter housing and let it drain internally for a few minutes. The oil filter housing takes a 32 mm socket. The oil filter, oil filler cap and my added VW dip stick are shown above.
7. Remove the oil filter cap and old oil filter. Discard the old oil filter and oil filter cap O-ring. Install the new oil filter cap O-ring and the new filter into the cap. Lubricate the new O-ring with engine oil or some silicon grease. Notice the locating pin on the oil filter.

New oil filter with locating pin

8. The oil filter cap and new filter can now be re-installed on the engine. The oil filter locating pin fits into a hole in the engine oil filter housing shown below. The locating hole in the engine oil filter housing is at about the 2 o'clock position. Insert the new oil filter and cap with the locating pin at about 12 o'clock. The locating pin will mystically turn into the locating hole as you tighten the oil filter cap. Below is a photo of the empty oil filter housing with locating pin hole.

Filter locating hole

9. Tighten the oil filler housing using the 32 mm socket to about 23 ft/lbs
10. Using a fresh crush washer re-install the engine oil drain plug and tighten to 22 ft/lbs
11. Add 7 quarts of engine oil
12. Start the car and check for leaks. If no leaks then you can re-install the under trays. If you are missing under tray screws like I was the part number is N 91034501 which are a dealer item.
13. Lower the car and let it run to warm up the engine to check the oil electronically or use the dipstick I installed with no waiting. Make sure the car is level. The dipstick is VW P/N 059115611AM from Idparts.com or a VW dealer. The diesel is the only engine you can do this with regrettably. I added another quart of oil to bring the oil level to half way. Tighten the oil filler cap.
14. Re-install the engine cover
15. Using a Durametric or other tool reset the oil change maintenance interval. With the Durametric you select Instrument cluster and then select Commands and the three maintenance intervals will be displayed. Again you want to reset the oil change interval.
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