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Joefus 05-22-2019 06:04 AM

Connectors for Parking Sensor wiring
Hi everyone - I need some info from the hive brain.

Does anyone know the correct name for these connectors?

Two days before I was scheduled to get my tyres changed - one of them threw a 1.5" strip of rubber that peeled open my wheel arch liner and destroyed my parking sensor cable.
I will need to splice and repair the individual wires and either replace both sides of the connector with an aftermarket one or match the one already on there. They seem to be used all over the Cayenne so I imagine that they must be available on line somewhere.

And remember folks - change those tyres.

Andy E. 05-22-2019 08:43 AM

Ouch. Glad to see that nobody was hurt.
Show the photo to your local VW dealer parts guy. They're used pretty much everywhere.

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