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Shane911996 09-10-2016 05:38 AM

Porsche Logo and colors as the background on my Kenwood DDX9016DABS
Hi all

I have just installed (well about to instal) a new Kenwood DDX9016DABS double Din head unit in my 996 and according to the instructions I can change the color of the buttons (well the colored lights behind teh buttons, so want to make them the ambery (is that a word? Amber like the other lights in the Porsche) and also I can change the background color on the display screen itself and also load my own image. I want to change the background color to the orange/amber color that Porsche use in the factory fitted units and also load the Porsche text logo as my image, which shows up when you start the car or turn the unit on.

Has anyone else done this and do you know the colors (color numbers) and where I could get a good color image of the logo that I can load.



David 23 09-14-2016 01:51 PM

I haven't done the button colors, but just did the background image on the Kenwood currently being installed in my 996 (THAT is another story ). Google search "Porsche Logo", Porsche Wallpaper, or Porsche logo image. Lots of links will come up. Pick a free one, download it onto a thumb /flash drive stick. TUrn on your unit, go to set up, then background. Insert the flash drive into your USB connection to the unit. Your image will appear in a small box, select it and voila! Mine KW is a different unit, but the procedure should be pretty much the same. It is very easy. I'd love have you PM me photos of your install, and info on what you used for the surround. THX.

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