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Forum Guidelines: Read This *BEFORE* Your First Post

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Forum Guidelines: Read This *BEFORE* Your First Post

Old 01-29-2004, 06:26 PM
John D.
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Default Forum Guidelines: Read This *BEFORE* Your First Post

To the first time poster:

First – Welcome! And as a reminder - "Boxster" is spelled with an "x", which is closely followed by an "s", as in "Boxster"

Second – You may want to try the Forums “Search” feature at the top of the page. It’s pretty handy – and you’ll find over 3,000,000 posts that discuss anything from using Peanut Butter to remove wax from rubber – through to finding out why that CEL light keeps coming on. There are so many posts, you should find some relevant threads on subjects that you didn’t even know you were interested in.

Third – if you can’t find something, or have a question about the answer – post it up! To save some bandwidth in the replies, you can also let folks know you did a “Search”, but didn’t find what you were looking for…

Fourth – Feel free to post up a “I’m New” or "First Post" and tell the folks a little about yourself and about your car. Pictures – or links to pictures of your car, really are terrific, and all enjoy seeing "your ride"…

Fifth – this is a community of tens of thousands from throughout the world. Sometimes, we all express ourselves differently then how you might have written a reply to your own post. So, please keep that in mind – as it’s sometimes daunting to read a reply and wonder if that person meant it as a “Flame” – especially to your first post!

Sixth – have fun… You may get a few replies meant in jest – and it’s OK to laugh at them. I know I do ….

Finally – Welcome to the Rennlist Forums! Have fun and enjoy...!!!

+ + + +

To Experienced Forum Members and Users:

First –Thanks for taking a minute to read this!!!….

Second – Remember, there was a time when you made your first post as well..!!! So – before you post a reply, ask yourself how you would feel reading it as a “newbie”. If you would have been uncomfortable with it – chances are they will, too.

Third – If you are a “Rennlist Member” – please remember, there was a time that you weren’t either. What made you choose to become a Member? Why? Chances are – it wasn’t from a verbal beating, but rather – you wanted to become part of something pretty cool. So, if folks aren’t a Rennlist Member – that’s fine! They will if, they too, experience what it is you already participate within and would like to share that same excitement.

And Finally Please remember - this site is open to anyone – as long as they share the passion and enthusiasm about the car, the community and the site. Together - let’s make them feel “Welcome”!!!
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Old 06-29-2005, 11:15 PM
John D.
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Default If you are not a Rennlist Sponsor and Promote....

Lately, Rennlist has had a number of businesses and "marketers" soliciting their wares in threads and posts. Some are veiled, whilst others are more brazen. Since Rennlist is the single largest Internet site dedicated to Porsche automobiles and enthusiasts, it is bound to happen. But.......

To be clear, Rennlist would not exist except for paying Sponsors and Members - and they, along with us - feel it is unfair that they subsidize non-Sponsor sales and marketing efforts, often times with competing products with Rennlist Sponsors. In short, if you are not a Sponsor, the Rennlist Charter prohibits commercial posts to the Forums.

What is commercial solicitation? For example...

If you post We/our/my company has... - you are selling something....
If you post We/our/my product is... - you are selling something....
If you post We/our/my customers'... - you are selling something....
If you post We/our/my will be announcing... - you are selling something....
If you post We/our/my test results for our... - you are selling something....
If you post We/our/my can make or supply that... - you are selling something....

If you/your company/product would like to have your unaffiliated/unbiased customers talk about your product - they are more than welcome to do so. However, as a commercial vendor with a sales intent - you are not.

Further, you are more then welcome to participate simply as an individual enthusiast - BUT NOT as a vendor/sales agent with a sales agenda. As well - a "Rennlist Member" does not broker you being a "Rennlist Sponsor" and acting as such, no more than being a Member of a car club entitles you to receive a free commercial full-page color advertisement in their monthly publication.

Finally - if you would like to become a Sponsor - please visit:

Until you become a paid Sponsor, please understand your "advertisements" will be either edited or deleted, as it's neither "fair" to those who support this site - nor "us", the Rennlist community.

My thanks for your understanding,

John D.

Last edited by Marc Shaw; 03-19-2013 at 04:57 PM. Reason: updated sponsorship contact info
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Old 06-05-2007, 09:19 PM
Randy V
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Default Posting For Sale and Parts Wanted on the Forums


If you want to post model-related items or cars for sale here, or request parts or cars wanted to buy, you MUST be a paid Rennlist Member.

Please include a detailed description and the asking price in all For Sale posts.

Any 'For Sale' and 'Parts Wanted' posts by non-members, or by Members with no asking price, "Best Offer", "Make an Offer", "Highest Offer over $xx", "Email for Details and Price", etc. will be removed without notice.

OK, now that's settled, here's some additional suggestions:

Create a detailed post with pics of the item for sale in the Members Classified forum:

Then, post a For Sale thread in the model-specific forum with a simple description of the item and a link to the detailed post in the Classified forum. Ask that non-Members PM you for additional details.

By posting in the Classified forum, other Members with other models will also see your item when they would not have seen it in the model forum. For example, a set of turbo twist wheels you want to sell will fit several other Porsche models.

We encourage you to sell to Members first, but realize that there are many non-Members who may also want your item.

While not mandatory, we also encourage Member pricing, i.e. a discount price when sold to another Member.

By targeting your sales to other Members, the Rennlist Admins can step in and provide assistance in the event that a transaction goes bad - they have all pertinent info for Members, but non-Members are completely anonymous.

Finally - it is extremely bad form to jump into someone's For Sale thread and post a similar item that you too have for sale. Show some courtesy and get a friggin' clue.
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