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tophand576 01-13-2019 02:09 PM

Loose part behind wheel 997.2 C2
While investigating the unknown modified suspension on my recently purchased 2009 C2, I noticed this piece on the front driver side. Any idea what this is for and what it should be attached to?

Bonus question, the car has H&R lowering springs on it but I can’t tell if the strut is OEM. I can’t find any part number and the label is worn off. Any idea what kind this is? Thanks.
Also looks like the bump stops are shot, almost dry rotted feeling. How much do those affect ride quality, overall?

UPDATE: when I lowered the car back down and turned it in, I now have a “headlight adjustment faulty” error. Not sure if related or not. Sigh.

UPDATE 2: Figured out that is the Headlight level sensor bracket that apparently broke off when lowering the car. It seems that happens. $5.50 from pelican parts.

TheBruce 01-14-2019 02:13 AM

Welcome! Congrats on the new car.

That looks like your headlight level sensor strut support. It connects to your control arm.

As far as the struts, they look OEM to me.

As far as the bump stops, all of them degrade like that. Mine where completely missing when I bought the car. I replaced all 4 when I put on Eibach springs. You should be fine. It wont affect ride quality.

Enjoy the car!

Petza914 01-14-2019 09:00 AM

There's one of those headlight level sensors on 1 front LCA and one rear LCA and those are what the light controller uses to auto level the headlights.

Bump stops prevent the suspension from bottoming out hard by providing a cushion at the end of the range of travel. Normally, they shouldn't come into play but lowered, if you hit an abrupt bump, it could bottom out. You'll be able to feel it if it happens.

Iceter 01-14-2019 04:24 PM

Your thread's title made me laugh. The only loose part behind the wheel of my car is me. :)

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