996 TT spark plug R&R

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Default 996 TT spark plug R&R

Replacing plugs 996TT

#25, 27, 40 torx socket drivers, 10mm, 13mm sockets, 5/8 spark plug socket, 5 or 6mm hex socket
3/8" ratchet and 12" and 6" extension, u-joint
medium phillips screwdriver
torque wrench


1)Jack up car, put stands under the rear jack points. Remove rear wheels.
2)Remove taillight assembly: 2 phillips screws.
3)Remove bumperettes: remove access plug, loosen size 40 torx from below 2 turns, pivots upward
4)Remove rear only wheel well liner: several torx and 2 plastic 10mm nuts (easy to strip when reinstalling)
5)Remove rear bumper cover: 4 phillips on top, 2 phillips on bottom, 4 torx on bottom, 2 torx in the wheel well. Its easy to scratch when removed. Slide off with a helper so you don't scratch the paint. Unplug the wires.
6)Remove center rear heat shield: 3 10mm bolts, 2 screws. Using compressed air, if available, thoroughly blow all the dirt and debris off the intercoolers, engine, wheel well, brakes, etc.

Remove the intercooler with brackets

7)Disconnect the big hoses where they plug into the intercooler. Pull/pry with a screwdriver, the center of the hose retaining wire clips back far enough to release the hoses. Pull/wiggle the hoses out of the intercooler. It may be easier to remove the upper 2 hoses completely. Mark the inner and outer ends of the upper hoses or note where the arrows are to aid reassembly. Inspect the hose O-rings. The manual says to replace the O rings, but I don't know if that's really necessary.
8)On each side remove 5 13mm nuts/bolts holding on the intercooler brackets. Remove bottom 2 sheetmetal nuts attaching the bottom of the side heat shields. Pull the heat shield off the studs. Slide the intercooler assembly forward about an inch then remove it.
9)Bend the shields upward. Leave top heatshield attachment nuts on.

Remove the coils:

10)Remove the heat shield attached to the head. Unclip the O2 sensor wires from it and let the shield slide down out of the way.
11)Driver side remove the waste gate vac hose abd the pressure sensor(?) hose next to it.
12)Remove all the coil retaining allen head bolts.
13)Unclip all 6 coil wires. (I couldn't get the coils back on with the wires attached)
14)Remove the coils, it may be a little difficult to manuver them out.
15)Using long extensions remove the spark plugs.

Visually inspect the new plugs prior to installation. Gap is about .8mm (.032"), NOT 1.6 mm as the shop manual states. I wouldn't try to adjust them if the gap looks reasonably close. Mine were about .025 -.032". I had a new damaged plug that had the side electrode bent.
Visually inspect the coils. Pull off the rubber boots and look for any cracks or carbon tracking. Try to keep the rubber boots very clean to avoid carbon tracking. Put a samll amount of anti-sieze on the inner 1/2 of the spark plug threads. You don't want any grease or fingerprints on the ceramic, rubber boots, or in the spark plug recess in the head.

1)Install the plugs. They should easily screw in by hand. Torque to 22 ft/lb.
2)Put the coils in place. Attach the coil wires prior to installing the coil bolts. Make sure the wires 'click' into the coils before you pull the little rubber boots down. Space is limited. Install the coil bolts with a SMALL amount of anti-sieze. Torque to 7 ft.lbs.
3)Install the heat shield to the head with a little anti-sieze. Torque to 7 ft.lbs. You may need to use a u-jount socket on 1 of the bolts. Clip the O2 sensor wires and vac hoses back on to the heat shields. Reinstall the 2 vac hoses on the driver side. Check for any loose/disconnected wires or vacuum hoses.
4)Bend the side heat shields back down.

Intercooler install

5)Check that the intercooler hose retaining wire clips are fully in position at the bottom of their grooves. Blow out the intercooler inside and out with compressed air. Make sure the intercooler hose inlet and outlet sealing surfaces are clean and smooth.
6)Carefully reposition the intercooler assembly on the car. Be careful not to scratch the paint. Push it rearward and install the nuts/bolts. Torque to 17 Tighten the side heat shield sheet metal nuts. Install the intercooler hoses. The hose ends should audibly click into place.
7)Reinstall the center rear heat shield.
8)With a helper reinstall the bumper cover. Remember to reconnect the wire. Install the screws loosely. Before you tighten it down position the wheel well liner and loosely install it's screws. Push the bumper cover and wheel well liner into position and tighten. (It was difficult to get the wheel well liner into position with the bumper cover fully tightened.) Do not overtighten the plastic nuts and strip the threads.
9)Reinstall the bumperettes. Engauge the top groove and pivot them down, retighten the bolt.
10)Reinstall the taillight assemblys.
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