SOLD 993 Hardback seats Black/Black Excellent

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Originally Posted by hoggel View Post
$4500? Are you kidding? I paid less than that for mine. I can't remember for sure but I think it was ~$50 less.
Does this mean I have $950 coming my way?

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Gotcha, today I'm slow. No excuse for me tomorrow though.

Well, we will see what happens. If they sell great, if not, I have another plan for them.

Originally Posted by helmet993 View Post
Stock (thus my comment about them being free)
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I just paid $3000.00 for my tan ones that are in nice shape but not quite as new as yours ( If you called yours 9.5 mine would be 8). So your price is in the ball park considering the newness. Removing the back and getting them painted to match is as easy as pie. I was lucky enough to be able to take an overnight road trip to get them ,so that helped. Good luck with the sale. Doug
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I think I paid $3,500 for mine sometime last year... Then discovered the former driver was a fat bastard and bent the $hit out of the seat base... that required $ome more dollar$ to fix...
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Originally Posted by kiesan View Post
Does this mean I have $950 coming my way?

Ha! I must be remembering what I was willing to pay. Thank you for leaving me some cash for tires.
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Sold mine to a gentleman in Hong Kong this past Spring for $4200 - excludeing shipping. Heated, 4-way, new driver's side switches and in excellent condition, but no Porsche embossing on the headrest and ~33k ***-miles on them. Considering the condition, yours are right in there pricewise, although you may have to wait it out a bit. GLWS.
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In Europe the market for those seats is nearly totally empty now. You will find them only with good connections here. I bought a pair (4-way & heating) in 2007 in perfect conditions for EUR 2.400 (~ $ 3'408) for my turbo. This year I had to pay for the same seats EUR 3.750 (~ $ 5'140), no other way...

For Europe that price would be hot.

In 2009 the seats in my turbo have been a bit optimized...
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Thanks guys for the input and perspective.

If no buyer by end of weekend, I'm wrapping these up until Spring, and putting in my stock heated seats.

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I have received several "How much to ship to XXXXX zipcode?".

I don't have the answer, it depends greatly sometimes based on who you use.

FedEx or UPS is going to cost the most, but their insurance, tracking, and reputation is
what you are paying for. (That's debateable for another thread).

GreyHound Shipping is going to be the most economical, half the cost as FedEx or UPS.
However, their tracking and insurance limits are low.

Example: Shipping these these to CO from east coast (UPS: 500, FedEx:600 GH: $220)

It's your call, and goto their website to do a mock quote for an estimate from Denver, CO.
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Spidey, I think it's clear from the responses in this thread that the best course of action for you is to sell them to me for $375. I'll even throw in an extra $25 for shipping. I'd hate to think of you having to store these beasts.
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That would be the charitable and humane thing to do.

Let me ask my wife and see how the kids are going to eat this month. Plus we can always use
cloth diapers for awhile......

I'll be in touch.
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Well, seats are now Pending status

I have a unique trade situation to consider and my pea size brain is already starting to smoke.

Edit: Available now

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28 posts and 690 views in 24 hours ... this hardback sportseat thing ... it's a cult, right?
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Yea, sure seems to be.

The honest truth is regardless of price/value or good for long trips or not.

They look awesome in your car from every angle. And on top of that, when your done with them, you
can sell them for what you paid or more because they seem to want to appreciate quickly.

Now my 401k, looks ****ty from every angle and only wants to depreciate. I'll take HB any day.
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Tony, I've shipped a lot of seat. Really a lot of seats. Like a dozen sets, maybe more.

FedEx/UPS Ground doesn't cost that much. I paid $300 for a pair of 997 seats in two boxes including packing costs from Cali to Boston. A "medium wardrobe box" from U-Haul or Home Depot, one seat per box, create label online, have them come pick it up. Easy. interestingly, when I priced Greyhound a few times they were exactly the same price as FedEx and UPS. But you have to drag the boxes to their depot and buyer has to go there to pick them up.

Not that FedEx/UPS are all that great (they broke a motor on the bottom of one of my seats).
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