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RJT 08-12-2009 10:56 PM

Where's everyone???

We just checked into hotel #2. The TV didn't work, lights went out, but maintenance has fixed it for us. Tomorrow Hotel #3. Sure wish we knew we were going to be able to do this last year and not two weeks ago. We at least would have been able to stay in just one place for the entire week. Sheeze. I feel tired, and I'm not the one lugging all the suitcases up and down the stairs either.

We went to the Automobilia meet at the Embassy Suites in Seaside today. There was some interesting stuff that could have been purchased, but it was even more interesting in the parking lot. Lots of Porsche. I didn't take out the camera. Shame on me. I think I had my mind on a Manicure and Pedicure which was high on my list of things to do today before all the real fun action starts and I don't have time to do it. :)

We also drove by the auction sites and they were unloading a bunch's of the cars for the auctions. There were Reliable Trucks everywhere. I saw A LOT of American Metal, most of it pretty cool, some of it not so nice. The R M and Russo and Steele Auctions have some Porsche's. We are going to go to the R M auction Friday night.

What is everyone doing tomorrow night?

race911 08-12-2009 11:03 PM

Want to put together a group for tomorrow night? I might be beyond tired since I'll have to get up about 4 to get to Quail Lodge by 7 for that Panamera thing. And I did the super, super, unbelievably cheap ($59/nt) room in Salinas, so I figured I'd take a nap or something and head back to the "city" for dinner and whatever will pass for nightlife. Karen won't come down until Friday night.

Back to the Dunkles. I was reflecting today, and remember when a (then) girlfriend of mine was living on Balboa Island. Cheryl knew I was in town, so she invited me over to say hi. In her garage was her new daily driver.............a 924S. Things have come a long way, huh?

race911 08-12-2009 11:03 PM

Oh, and I'm at 510-568-5171.

Don Plumley 08-13-2009 12:33 AM

Looks great! Keep posting!

2Many Cars 08-13-2009 01:54 AM

Here is another Oldie but Goodie. The real deal and not a tribute car
That's part of what makes this event so unique, more often than not you're looking at the real deal. I'll be joining the fun this weekend (except I'll be in my old Aston).

RJT 08-13-2009 02:07 AM

Originally Posted by curve lover (Post 6808092)
As relayed to JoAnne, IIRC, this one of the absolute first Volkswagens ever made! :thumbsup:

I found a few more pictures of it on my camera.
There is even more to the story of that VW. I walked up to the owner as he was telling Sam Cabiglio the story. AS I waited for Sam I could hear about half of it.
Not only one of the very early ones but is was made for a German Chancellor and was in to Russia. It was then hidden in a garage (barn) for many many years until it was found. Now it resides in a garage in of all places but...... PRESCOTT Arizona. WE live in PRESCOTT, Arizona. Small World.

RJT 08-13-2009 02:18 AM

Originally Posted by race911 (Post 6810710)
Want to put together a group for tomorrow night?

Back to the Dunkles. I was reflecting today, and remember when a (then) girlfriend of mine was living on Balboa Island. Cheryl knew I was in town, so she invited me over to say hi. In her garage was her new daily driver.............a 924S. Things have come a long way, huh?

Tomorrow night might be tough for us. We'll be at a hotel in Watsonville and I am not sure we'll drive back down to town, BUT if the group does get together I am almost sure I might be able to twist Robert's arm................ :)

Saturday is out for us. We are heading back down the coast to SLO.

Yes things have gone great for the Dunkle's. I call Peter the man with the golden touch.

curve lover 08-13-2009 02:39 AM

Originally Posted by curve lover (Post 6807669)
Our next planned 993 sighting may be at The Quail. Porschemeister PMed me, said his black, custom GT2 (featured in Excellence magazine) will be on display there.

Heard from Jochen Rohr today.
His white GT2 will be at The Quail Fri.
His black GT2 will be at Laguna Seca Sat.
Our tongues will be hanging out of our mouths both days! :)
Photos from CP's "A Rare Porsche gathering: 2 Rufs, 993GT2, and a Cayman (Pics)" thread.

curve lover 08-13-2009 02:54 AM

Originally Posted by David in LA (Post 6808143)
Jager - Are you using a car mounted cam?

David-- Only when my copilot cooperates. :icon107:
Sorry, I was being a goober. No stereo; no camera mounts. Do they come in carbon fiber? just joshin

Another common Cali commuter car kicked to the curb:

curve lover 08-13-2009 02:58 AM


Originally Posted by hoggel (Post 6803837)
Damn! have fun.
If you pass through SLC on the way home give me a call and I'll buy ... lunch.

Originally Posted by DesignerGenes (Post 6808836)
I'm with hoggel. If you pass through Salt Lake call me too, and I'll buy both of you lunch!

As much as I'd luv to take you guys up on the offer of grub & SLC P-cars, I'm shipping the 993 & catching a plane to get back. BTW, Intercity did a wonderful job getting Speedy to CA.

Arena Red's my favorite 993 color. Always look forward to seeing Hoggel & his beautiful sled (below). DGenes, big thanks for the invitatition, sorry I can't make it. However, my offer still stands for free drinks Sat -- for you two. Heck, I'll add Moffat to the list, in hopes he can show. :cheers: Haven't heard why, he just said he couldn't make it to CA as he previously planned.

[Photo from last month @ PCA Parade.]

curve lover 08-13-2009 03:09 AM

Originally Posted by curve lover (Post 6807751)

Originally Posted by timothymoffat (Post 6809087)

Another shot for the fan-boys & girls:

Even Ferraris can't keep up with a 993 RS...

curve lover 08-13-2009 03:30 AM

Sat night update:
Instead of checking in for the "Jäger" reservation, change that to the "Brian Atkin party." He's the Pelican Parts POC; we've been added to his reservation.

Originally Posted by dcdude68 (Post 6809414)
Any more spaces at your table? Will it be on the patio? PM sent.

Chuck-- PM back atcha. Good to go, bro.
It should be indoors for dinner. Those who arrive early just stagger in from the patio.

Hey, wait a minute: maybe you wanna keep an eye on your 993 & check out others' rides the whole time? Hmmmm. Brilliant! Leave it to a RLer for such pure logic. If anyone thinks it will be too chilly outside for dinner, raise your voice!

curve lover 08-13-2009 04:23 AM

Originally Posted by RJT (Post 6807819)
Talk about having fun. This Vince and Celia from San Diego. They are Porsche People who know how to live La Dolce Vita even if it's not in one of their P-cars:

Very funny photo.

Speaking of La Dolce Vita, & the questions about plans tomorrow night, my tentative schedule:

Thurs PM: Poppy Hills Golf Club for the Monterey Region's PCA kick-off reception.
Fri: Speedy enters the La Dolce Vita Concours d'Elegance @ the Black Horse Golf Course.
Fri PM: no plans, but curious - who's going to the Mission Hill party? Prescott Kelly says it's not to be missed...

Friday’s most important event for PCAers will be Monterey Bay Region’s Welcome Party at the historic Carmel Mission. There will be special “Porsche guests” attending and a big surprise, so it is a “must do.”
Sat: Laguna Seca Historics - Corral
Sat PM: Tarpy's Roadhouse with RL
Sun: Laguna Seca Corral & parade lap
Mon: Currently open
Tues: Depart :( back to reality

curve lover 08-13-2009 12:46 PM

Worth a (motivational?) re-print...

We will be mobilizing from Salt Lake City for the long haul across northern Nevada. Anybody made a schedule yet? That'd be some caravan blasting down 80.
'78 SC Targa
From the PelicanParts forum thread, "Anyone from Colorado going to the historics?"

curve lover 08-13-2009 01:12 PM

Museum to Monterey? Taken this week at Laguna Seca Raceway...
Cool look-alike. More photos at Pelican Parts Forum "Monterey Historic Races-Aug. 14-16...roll call/info" thread.

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