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Cincy_Ron 02-13-2008 01:57 PM

Originally Posted by ddidit (Post 5097802)
Here is mine!

Like our cars, nothing ever has sounded as good as vinyl. Unfortunately, you have to buy a $800.00 nitty gritty vacuum to keep them quite and then have a glass of merlot and then, the magic begins with memories of what was considered the best experiences in your life.

Dindo - tube audiophile enthusiast / 993nb perfectionist

Dude, WTF happened on your recliner? You murder someone on that thing?!?

ddidit 02-13-2008 02:15 PM

Jain baby - Nice products. My forte, well work that is, is software - hardware used in the automotive industry for rapid prototype development in ABS brake controls. PhaseX, our company, makes the most powerful real-time simulations test bench/computer simulator in the development of oem systems. Here is the fun part as far as simular interests. Dr. Chung, who advises for TRW is one of the owners of Analysis Plus. Could be regarded as the next greatest in high-end in cable with true design/electrical merits. I have to beleive it because this guy is really, really smart! Is your product mid-line or high-line in the industry of audio cables. Congrats to your award! My regard to cables is experiment with different cables. Digital ends and analog ends do require different cable designs. Be careful of high-capacitance extra-expensive ones. When deciding what is good, only your ears knows what is good and the fact remains - All digital is like robin said - trash! Everyone, buy yourself a VPI record deck, a good tube amp and some decent high efficient speakers. You will enjoy life at home when you are not enjoying your 993.

Dindo - tube audiophile enthusiast - 993nb perfectionist

axl911 02-13-2008 03:00 PM

To ddidit,

Are those planar-type speakers? I thought that those types of speaker would not fit the warmth of the tubes and vinyl. But they have good sound stage right?

ddidit 02-13-2008 03:41 PM


Yes those are! They are modified Magnapans. I thought I would buy them since they were so, so cheap but regarded as the best sounding speaker under $1000.00 . Was not too happy with it stock so I had to modify the crossovers with premium components and the speaker became a $3-5,000 sounding speaker. I have to say they do sound great stock. Incredible when modified. But then again, my reference monitors are custom made with Raven R3 ribbon tweeters with Phl 12". These speakers with my custom cabinets would cost upwards of $13,000 if bought commercially. As far as warmth is concerned, that is a very subjective issue in audio. All that matters to me is Soundstage, Depth, Attack, and then most of all, do I get chills when I hear my reference recordings. Very simple I think. I try not to give flowery terms, just technical and emotional reactions. The problem with these planars is they have to be very and I say very far from adjacent walls to get the sound stage right. That leads to severe losses in the first octave and hence you see my cheapy 10 year old velo sub to fill in the gap. Now the problem is the sub is too slow for the Planars. In the end, I have to say they are great because they really do dissappear and do sound real. Good thing the experiment cost me only $850 with the revised crossover. They will end up in my daughters bedroom. I suggest that you should stay away from any speaker that requires any sub if you want the system to sound LIVE. But it has a greater cost! If you want a spectacular affordable sound and have the room dimensions for proper placement, then these Magnepan MMG's with a small 8" sub are my choice for those that want to experience high fidelity. Just make sure you have a very good 200w amp to drive them properly. Maybe I should right for an audio mag. What do you guys think? Just need to do spell check more often....


jainbaby 02-13-2008 03:49 PM

Originally Posted by jainbaby (25% off and free shipping for any Rennlist members who need cables). My company has been reviewed and won an Editor's Choice for 2007 from The Absolute Sound Magazine.

Quote:Nice offer

Thanks, I am happy to do it, just pm me or email me [email protected]

ddidit: I also love Focal/JM Lab. Great stuff and I think their sound has always been great, but looks needed a little help...well lately, their new designs are drop dead gorgeous!

Thanks for the complements on my cables, We try to make them affordable, and personally, I feel $500 should be the max retail on a resonably priced cable. That is where we stop our product range. We have had some tremendous reiews so obviously people agree with our philosophy.

95_993 02-13-2008 04:08 PM

Aside from my 993 & skiing, I build and fly radio controlled airplanes

GG33 02-13-2008 04:58 PM

My other hobby


Adrienne 02-13-2008 05:03 PM

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Well on the one side of the brain, Porsche. On the other side of the brain, bellydancing. I'm the one on the floor in maroon:

dcdude 02-13-2008 05:16 PM

Originally Posted by ninjabones (Post 5100797)
He was talking about the father & son pee'ing competition that was going on behind you.

That's frikkin' hilarious!! I'm too slow to know if delanobe deliberately selected that shot or if he was surprised as me! Is that Spa?

ddidit 02-13-2008 05:46 PM

To watch collectors
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Here is my Paul Picot Chrono Monza serial 10/225. Michael Shumacher has #1. I wonder why? Oh well, at least I am only 9 ticks away from him.

Receiver 02-13-2008 06:00 PM

Originally Posted by delanobe (Post 5100640)
No idea what a urinal is but I also like golf alot, I even have a few golf partners like yours :-)

Have a look at the 2 guys behind you irrigating the wall. A urinal would be a more polite location but the wall probably needed it.

Ritter v4.0 02-13-2008 06:38 PM

Hanging out . . .
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Hanging out . . .

geolab 02-13-2008 06:55 PM

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NineMeister 02-13-2008 06:57 PM

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Aside from racing at the weekends, trackdays during the week, HiFi (Fairly safe combination of LP12, Naim, KAber combination in the lounge and a Linn Classic/Proac in the sunroom) I'm mainly into bass guitars.

After attempting and failing to get into playing an acoustic for years, I bought a Fender strat to give me some inspiration to learn. Then a friend of mine gave me an old Japanese Fender Precision replica to bum around with and I immediately found that my short, fat fingers suited fewer strings. The missus then decided that I had talked about learning to play for far too long, so for my birthday she booked me in for bass lessons. So, two years down the line I'm still learning...

My first real bass was a gorgeous Modulus Quantum 4 in transparent red, carbon fibre neck and achrome hardware - a real work of art. I loved that bass but lost it during a burgulary of my house when thieves picked it off its stand on the way out of the house whilst stealing my plasma tv.

At the time I had lent the Precision to a friend's son, so #3 became a new black Fender Stuart Hamm Urge II (a combination of Jazz and Precision on a 24 fret neck). Eventually the engineer in me took over and I could not resist the temptation to go back to a carbon neck, so for #4 I got the tools out and assembled a Fender USA Jazz with Modulus VJ neck & J-Retro amp. I enjoyed assembling this guitar so I then started hunting around for more parts to tinker with.

Last year I found a Modulus VJ body on Ebay, so I bought that (#5) and currently have a plan to respray the body in Basalt Black, fit a black pickguard and fit the Modulus neck. This would leave the Fender Jazz neckless so I have just managed to find a genuine Jazz neck to make it pure Fender again.

At Christmas I surprised the wife and daughter by buying them both Ovation acoustic guitars, but since the missus did not return the favour I treated myself to #6, a unique 5 string Ovation Celebrity acoustic Bass.

Finally, after over 12 months of looking around, I have just found an unused 2006 Modulus Q4 in transparent orange at the right price, so that's going to be #7 when it arrives. I'll probably sell the Urge II, Precision copy and the VJ to make space....

Photos are of the sadly departed Modulus, the Ovation accoustic (nice!) and the Fender Urge2.

Did I mention the Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster?

ddidit 02-13-2008 07:07 PM


Again another simularity. I have always wanted to be in the 50 caliber 1-mile shooting class. 1/2" moa. I guess those are the terms. Never haappened because when I had the money and interest to buy the barrett 50 caliber of my dreams, they were outlawed in California.

I just shoot at the local shooting gallery with my gun and guns they rent out. Guess what I shoot? That right, I always pick the Desert Eagle 50 cal because it is the only gun they have that actually challenges me to get a 10" group at 50 ft! I have a 22 caliber ruger with stinger ammo and I use that to shoot at a tennis ball. But I am actually trying to hit the string!

Don't do much of it anymore though, the wife doesn't like it anymore and I understand why.

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