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JPS 01-07-2008 04:39 PM

Next time I'll just be an A55hole and call the cops...
Now that I live in the Northeast, I don't take the car on the roads in the winter. I know Dr. Porsche started an oil cooled engine to survive the German winters for people who don't have garages and all that, but they salt the crap out of the roads here, and then there are the idiots in 4WD who think they can actually fly over ice. I digress.

I made an appointment to detail the interior (btw, did with Detailing Dynamics...they aren't cheap, but did the best job of anyone I've ever taken it to), and picked it up. I was 3 minutes out of the shop, 30 miles from putting the 993 in storage for the winter, stopped behind someone turning across traffic. I heard brakes, and looked in my rear view mirror to see a Subaru locked up skidding towards me. Biff!

Fortunately it was relatively minor (compared to what it could be), and looked to be some cosmetic damage, nothing structural. Christmas was coming, and I had mildly rear ended someone last year (not in the 993) with no damage and they were cool about it, so I thought this was my chance to not be the asshole Porsche guy, Pay it Forward, improve my Karma score, etc. etc. The car was a POS with a lot of miles and the driver...well, she had a lot of miles too. (First time I should have just called the cops).

At first she wanted to just go away, I said, no, you hit the car, I'm not paying for it, but don't sweat it, won't be a big deal. She produces a license, but no insurance card. I repeatedly tell her she needs to show insurance or I have to call the cops and do things that way. She gets nervous everytime I mention that. I finally ask her why, and she says she's been drinking (2nd time I should have just called the cops now).

I'm still thinking not to screw her over (again, was hung up on Christmas coming and all that), and she says her friend (turns out she borrowed the car) lives down the street, how about I follow her. (Third time I should have just called the cops). I tell her no way. We are figuring out what to do and we get the cars out of the way. She pulls forward and doesn't stop, instead turning around to head back down the main street. I write down her plate and put my hands on her car, telling her to just stop, I have her plate, don't be an idiot. She guns the car and pushes me out of the way with it! I call the cops.

I followed her for a bit, but then realized I'm the crazy in the 911 speeding after someone, so I just went back to the detail shop to wait for the cops. Of course I was on hold with 911 the entire time, over 5 min at this point.

A month later, they bring me in to identify her on a printed out lineup...none of them look familiar, so the cop calls the person the owner of the car (a drunk & crack user) loaned the car to (found her in a crack house with suspected weapons they can't yet prove). Turns out she loaned it to someone ELSE, a crackhead/junkie/ex-prostitute who was already in jail, whom I identified. The detective had to first see if she was out yet on those charges to determine whether he had to go arrest her on the hit & run!

Fortunately the owner does have insurance, but from someone I've never heard of, so we'll see how things go. There seems to be some discussion about whether the bumper needs replaced, so I'll be asking under separate posts pros & cons of that.

Moral of the story: Just call the cops straightaway. It is easier to call back and say, "don't bother" if all is ok than to try to turn up the heat later. Pay it Forward AFTER you make sure everyone is forthcoming in the situation.:banghead:

JasonVW 01-07-2008 05:13 PM

I had a similar situation about 10 years ago when a drunk rear ended me in a rental. It was a rental so no big deal but when my neck started to hurt the next day I realized he had given me a fake address, name, and number.

Just call the cops. Even if you have to (and probably will) wait 45-60min.

early_grayce 01-07-2008 05:46 PM

Similar story *today*...but a very small bump
I got out of the car to talk to him
He took off, through a red light, and no chance to get a plate #

Nice world we live in....

JPS: With respect to the bumper, here's a recent thread on the issue:

jlb_94611 01-07-2008 06:11 PM

Took off thru a red-light.. nice .. could have really hurt somebody. You have to wonder where this "run from it" attitude we see far too often comes from.

c993k 01-07-2008 06:32 PM

Their story changes completely by the time you call their insurance.
BTW The very first question is "Do you have the police report?"

First thing Get the Tag Number
Second ...Call the police
Third... ONLY IF IN FLORIDA... Call helicopter air rescue (Have it on speed dial) and a good accident lawyer(also on speed dial). Always say you can't move anything and you can't feel anything.
A year later you can park your brand new GT3 in the blue zone closest to any restaurant!!!
Forget Pay it Forward (It's just a lame movie) Pay for a NEW GT3 is far better for my Karma!!!

993_Pilot 01-07-2008 06:50 PM

Calling the police right away may not work. Case in point:

I just got hit in my 4-runner Saturday by an 80 year old lady in a Subaru legacy wagon. She hit me in the left rear wheel, so there was no body damage to my car (damage to the suspension has yet to be determined). With all the Snow and ice, I quickly suggested that we pull off the road in to a parking lot about 100 feet ahead so we didn't get run down by someone else. We then both did. I then called the local police, and the phone call went something close to this:
Q. Were any injuries? A. NO
Q. Were both vehicles still operable? A. Her's, YES, Mine, No. I have a flat, but I have a roadside assistance policy.
Q. Was either vehicle currently blocking traffic? A. NO
Then: Well sir, we are really busy today, I can't send an officer out to take a report. Please just exchange information with the other driver and come down to the police department within the next 10 days to make your report.

It should be pretty obvious to the adjusters that she was at fault since the only damage to my car is in the drivers side rear wheel, while she has a bashed in front bumper on the right side, but we'll see how it goes ! I wish you luck on yours, it sounds like you may need it.

95GPW993 01-07-2008 07:19 PM

Sorry to hear this happened, especially after having the car detailed! Glad it wasn't worse, considering the upstanding citizens you were dealing with. Hope it works out for the best!

ZombiePorsche44 01-07-2008 10:56 PM

Sorry to hear about your incident, but you really should have called the Police immeadiately reporting a "Drunk Driver" just rear ended your car. I can assure you that they would have hustled right on down to take care of business.

Hope the repairs are seamless.....ZP44

Mark in Baltimore 01-07-2008 11:31 PM

Originally Posted by ZombiePorsche44 (Post 4957954)
Sorry to hear about your incident, but you really should have called the Police immeadiately reporting a "Drunk Driver" just rear ended your car. I can assure you that they would have hustled right on down to take care of business.

Hope the repairs are seamless.....ZP44

+1. Good luck with the repairs.

David in LA 01-08-2008 12:35 AM

FYI, most new mobile phones have a record function...might be helpful to turn it on and keep in your chest pocket to record the conversation w/ the other driver in case their story changes.

Mark in Baltimore 01-08-2008 01:01 AM

I had a woman hit me from behind in my Miata a few weeks ago. I made her pull over to the side of the road but was ready for her to flee. After we exchanged information, I told her that if she had waited two more seconds to go forward, I would have been on my way. She said, "You musta rolled back or something." I quickly disabused her of that notion and tactic. Later, her insurance company recorded my statement since there was a potential dispute and no witnesses. I told them in no uncertain terms that I would take whatever lie detector test they gave to me, and pass all with flying colors, to prove that I did not "roll back on her or something." Ultimately, the insured took responsibilty for hitting me.

race911 01-08-2008 01:25 AM

Slight twist to this is witnessing. Where I live, we are basically next to a freeway onramp. Numerous head ons when the sun sets, and drivers are blinded turning left to get to the onramp. Multiple 911 (and direct-to-PD from pre-911 days) calls from our house over the years reporting accidents. The ONLY way to get Oakland police to respond is to be "unsure" if there are injuries. They don't give a crap about property damage only accidents.

Nuff 01-08-2008 02:08 AM

I use to carry a disposable camera in my glove "just in case." But now with cell phone cameras, I don't need to. I was driving with a friend who was rear ended. We got out of the car and took a few photos(including one of the driver and the plates). Only took a few seconds and we had some decent pictures of the scene (before the cars were moved). A picture says a thousand words ....

g_murray 01-08-2008 11:00 AM

Well Holy Freakin' Crap!

Murphy's friggin' law -- your car is pristine (and I have NO doubt that Matt did an absolutely stellar job) -- and some putz ruins the whole experience.

My heart goes out to you in so many ways.

FWIW, I *always* bring my digital camera with me (ready on the passenger seat) whenever I go out for a drive in the P-car or in the wifey's 'daily driver'.
Our insurance guy told us to always get pictures - ESPECIALLY of the driver -- because he said, often the person who shows up at the court appearance is NOT the person who was actually driving the car. Also, if there are two people in the car - sometimes they'll swop positions - before you get a chance to see them do it.


Mark in Baltimore 01-08-2008 11:32 AM

Originally Posted by race911 (Post 4958734)
The ONLY way to get Oakland police to respond is to be "unsure" if there are injuries. They don't give a crap about property damage only accidents.

Smart idea and a good tip.

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