A sad start to the rumble

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Since like every other Mod, I've read the thread, I thought I'd share one mods opinion.

The Thread Itself

- it was (note the tense) a wonderful celebration of a good time by folks who participated in the Rumble. The party was spoiled when a couple of folks felt obligated to express their opinions on the rules regarding promotion on Rennlist. While technically correct, they ruined the party. Better to have sent PM to the mnmblu, the mod or JD himself.

Business Promotion - Certainly it appears that mnmblu is promoting his sideline. On the other hand,John D made it pretty clear that he was OK with it. Special dispensation or something like that. That should have been the end of it but Small didn't get the message preferring to add posts which were at the least "provocative". That made things worse.

Me? I would have deleted anything that spoiled the party and PM'd the authors asking politely that they take their opinions private in PM to mnm or the Mod and/orJohn D.

Ugly to uglier -

mnmblu is angry and the "us and them" nonsense begins. Alan, no, it isn't EJ's board but it isn't yours either. The 'old guard' you so lightly dismiss have made very valuable contributions to the community. I really dislike your dismissal of EJ's 993 wiring harness initiative because he saved every 993 owner several thousand dollars. In my case double that because I had his and hers 993s. Please don't dismiss that out of hand. He probably saved a million dollars for the people who populate this forum.

Us and Them -

There are the old timers and there are newcomers. All contribute and all are equal. One of the differences is the old timers know the rules better than some of the less experienced. At times that seems to be a liability. Don't regionalize this. Rennlist is HUGE - 600,000 active participants. A handful of annoyed people do not constitute a body large enough to be called "us". We are all "us".

Fred -
A lifer yet. Obviously emotional about seeing the party and all the good feelings ruined by a small few writes a note which was outstanding for its profanity. Fred, I understand. Might I suggest you write the note, feel better and then post something without capitalizing many of George Carlin's "seven deadly words"?

Me? I'd like to kill off profanity on these forums altogether. There are enough words in the language to make a point without getting a PG 16 rating.

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Originally Posted by fbfisher
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Bob, nice to meet you. In all of my 1,712 posts I have used profanity twice, both within the last month I think. It in not my habit nor my style. Your observation is correct.

Welcome to the Board, are you our new moderator? What happened to the old one?
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Well, I just got home from my afternoon/evening job, and if it matters – here is my $0.0002 – as some want to spend my other $0.00002 for me.

First – some housekeeping… I just got home and have 43 (so far) e-mails/PMs asking for “refunded” Rennlist Memberships from this thread. To those that contacted me asking for me to revoke your Membership and refund your money, it will be done. Jen and I need a few weeks to accrue the funds from our jobs – so until you get yours, we’ll continue to list you as a “Member” and you’ll have full access to the Members aspects. It’s the first time we’ve done this based on a single thread – but it “is what it is”. My apologies to those folks who have notified us – both for the delay and the cause.

It’s been a costly thread. And I should ask “for what”?

So my second housekeeping note. My moderators do the best they can without any pay, recognition and much more then trying to do “what’s right”. When they – or I – walk on water, we’ll let you know. Until then – there are a few “rewards”. We do the best we can.

Now for the good stuff….

This thread started out great. It’s degenerated into something little above “stupid”.

Now we have accusations flying – E.J. is going to close down Rennlist, Mark is smoking Salmon, JoAnne is nominating me for “Principle” of a school – when I’ve hardly survived my own kids going through school – and this is just in the last page…

I’m an intelligent person – or so I’m told. If Alan were prostituting this site, I’d be the first to know. You folks would be the second to know. In fact – I’ve banned folks BEFORE they completed the registration process, based on their screen name and web links in their profile. I’m pretty forkin’ good at having a keen sense of the obvious. If you want to know my take on Alan and his creativity – read my previous post in this thread. Now – if folks think they know more then I do – bring it on. I’ve been running PorscheList/Rennlist now into nine years – and the site takes over 250,000 unique IPs a day and has a combined total of nearly as many registered users across the site – not just the Forums. So – if you think you have a “better handle” on what I’m thinking based on my experience – great. E-mail me and tell me all about it.

Second – why don’t we actually try what most people do? If you have an opinion about whether someone is abusing the site – why the hell can’t you just e-mail me and ask what I think? That way – you won’t have to “guess” what I think. It’s really a mature thing to do – rather then “hop on stage and start shooting from the lip” and challenging all the rest of the Members? It’s not hard – in fact, some might refer to it as “professional courtesy”.

Third – this site will continue to evolve and change. For that – Rennlist is the largest (bar none) Web/e-mail/Porsche enthusiast site. That’s to your credit and to the credit of all that have supported and fostered that growth. However – you can’t stop change and the metamorphosis it includes. It is no longer a 993 Forum where there is a small group of 500 or so folks….

In short - it is large, diverse and complex. It is a community. Not everyone will agree all the time. Not all will get along every day. Welcome to “real life”. Welcome to a “community”. Welcome to “Rennlist”.

So – here is my summary.

Jen’s and my vision for Rennlist is to be the predominant website on the Internet for any Porsche enthusiast. By numbers – we are. We are over six times larger then PCA. We are worldwide. My other vision is that new and old Rennlisters get along – and instill in the newcomers the same passion and verve you first felt – with your first Porsche and your first post….

When I think we are incapable of capturing the essence of that vision – then my job is done. I’ll turn off the servers, pull the plug on the circuits. Resign from 2 of my three jobs which help pay for all this. And regain what was left of my life. But – before then – I’ll keep the lights on, as long as one single person shares that same vision – or sees what I see this community is capable of today and into tomorrow..

And that – you can count on.

This thread is closed.

John D.
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