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-- DIY : The Definitive glovebox door latch rattle repair --


-- DIY : The Definitive glovebox door latch rattle repair --

Old 01-10-2007, 02:11 AM
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Lightbulb -- DIY : The Definitive glovebox door latch rattle repair --

OK.... this is one of "those things" that I am sure some of you have had trouble with, and having searched the forum...no good solution for this very easy problem

Please excuse the simple humor and obvious embellishment!!!

Glovebox door latch mechanism loose and rattling (jiggling, shaking, etc...)

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY (1-inflating a tire, 10-Detailing your car to look like "InTheAir" ):
This is a "1"

10-15 minutes to remove the glovebox door (not required though)
2 minutes to fix the latch
4 minutes to unscrew and screw everything back in place

- phillips head screwdriver
- adjustable wrench


I removed by glovebox door because it was dark, car was parked on the street, and I could not work out how the latch mechanism worked from inside the car....however you can do this fix without removing the glovebox door if you look at the pictures carefully.

1st - Removal of the Glovebox door (optional)
- open glove box door (uh-huh)
- unscrew the 3 screws located underneath the dashboard where the glovebox attaches
- unscrew the 4 screws of the glovebox lining : 2 on top, and 2 on the sides
loosen and pull lining towards you (so you can see where the plastic arms slot into the dashboard)
- bring glovebox almost to close position
- remove the left arm (closest to driver) first from the dashboard, and then the right (passenger side). The left arm is loose, and should be fairly easy to remove by pulling from the bottom of the glovebox door to you. The right arm has a little more pressure to it (which actually acts a "damper" for the glovebox door)
- NOTE : if door does not remove easily, check to make sure that the hooks of the arms aren't hooking on to any wires (this is a common problem)

2nd - Repair
At this point, you either have the glovebox door in your hand or you have been reading this post, and are still waiting to get to the *&%#%$ fix.
--> unscrew the left and leading edge screws from the fabric backing (if you have removed the glovebox, you can easily remove all screws with the exception of the 2 hinge screws as noted in the picture)
--> unscrew the single screw on the top of the black plastic locking cap (see picture). Now slide this black plastic piece thru the side, or pinch and remove from the top thru the fabric backing (if you have not removed it)
--> tighten down bolt on back of glovebox door

** most important part **
--> place the black plastic locking cap in the CORRECT POSITION AS ILLUSTRATED in the pictures
--> screw back in place

3rd - Putting it all back together
--> Replace all screws....test latch mechanism....
--> if you removed the glovebox door : put the right plastic arm of the glovebox in first. NOTE: this is a little tough, and you may need to put a little pressure on the plastic arm...just support the arm as you pussssssshhhhh it into place (also make sure you note the hooks of the arm, and "hook" the arm into place)

!! DONE !! ENJOY !!
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Old 01-10-2007, 04:23 AM
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I need to do this, thanks.
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Old 01-10-2007, 05:09 AM
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Or alternatively, just remove the black locking cap and pack the mechanism with VERY thick grease. Put locking cap back and you're done. Rattle is gone. Mines been rattle free for about 9 months using this method.
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Old 01-10-2007, 09:41 AM
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Detailing your car to look like "InTheAir".

Oh man, I fell off the chair with that one!


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Old 01-10-2007, 09:52 AM
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Many times it is also the latch / hook needs to be adjusted. This loosens up and causes the glove box not stay closed tight and it rattles.
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Thanks for the laugh and good info!!
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