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My 991 arrived...

Old 05-01-2012, 07:03 PM
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Default My 991 arrived...

Picked up my 991S late last week and, despite the recent UK weather, have managed to put a few hundred miles on it.

Bit of background on the car - it's a solid black 991S coupe, with a couple of options including*
Black full leather interior
SPASM (-20mm)
Auto-dimming mirror/auto-wipers
Folding mirrors
Carrera sport wheels (with coloured crest)
Rear wiper
and other stuff.

It's early days, but first impressions?*

I'll start by saying i've had weekend test drives of the Cayman, 997.2S, 911 GTS and the GTS4 during the past 12-18 months. All quality vehicles in their own right. The Cayman is a go-kart in my mind, much more than the 991/911 could ever be. The GTS/GTS4 has heavier steering than a 991 (in a good way) and certainly like the idea of it being the end-of-run model.

That all being said, nothing compares in my mind to this 991. I've heard it before in forums and reviews that this car has a split personality... i couldn't agree more.*

I'll write updates from time to time and promise to send photos very shortly (need some sun), but for this post i just want to say that those who are contemplating it and can financially do it: DO IT. Seriously, it is special.

My first day following delivery was almost underwhelming. The sports exhaust is incredible (a must-have) for pure show-pony value and to remind you how many ponies you have working for you in this machine, but outside of that the PDK on Normal mode in auto borders on lazy. Arguably that laziness could well be me given i have the PDK in auto mode.*
Take for instance when i'm travelling at 30mph in a built-up town. The PDK has me in 7th gear. Revs are kept low (when in auto-PDK) to the point where you could be driving a Ford Fiesta. Why? I'm certain its to keep emission levels low (and also car tax and local parking taxes), plus it certainly helps keep it as an everyday car for non-sports car enthusiasts. I get it. With paddles on it is very different and the above description is actually unfair, but certainly do not test drive this car and form an opinion without trying...

Sports Mode:
It is like you've stepped into a different car. It is simply incredible. Bring a smile to my face just typing this now. An experience both in terms of linear power (torque), sound and tightness on cornering which i can't recall from any Pork or any other car i've had the pleasure of driving.*

I haven't mentioned the steering, but in both Normal and Sport mode i have no complaints since it tightens up. At 0-25mph i can certainly feel the difference between the 991 and a 997/Cayman - it filters out some noise and simply feels lighter to me, but beyond that speed i do not sense the difference. It's more secure and 'stable' at the front, but i am missing the point journos and others here when driven 'properly' (whatever that means). I'm also convinced it tightens further in Sports mode, though that may be psychological.

Happy to waffle on about it (feel free to ask). It's special.

Complaints? Not sure i have any at this stage. I'm not drinking the kool-aid, just a fact. The low revs and urgency to reach 7th gear in city driving makes sense, though feels odd compared to previous generations. I'd also like to be able to have auto-stop mode (engine cut-off) on off by default, but again i get it and it can be handy given current petrol prices.*
Anything else? The lack of a deactivation switch for the airbag is a joke - they give the key for it, but has to be retrofitted for something north of ú500 ($800+).

But, with all that, it is simply an amazing car. It's a 911, make no mistake of that. Also make no mistake that it's not a 911 from last century... i'd hope not given what i just paid for it! Buy it or test drive it for a weekend (at least more than the token hour the local dealer lets you usually drive it).*

I'd be remiss if i didn't thank you all for your contributions to help me spec it and also thank you to the crew over at Paintshield (UK) for the paint film. Incredible job.

Photos soon folks, i promise...
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Old 05-01-2012, 07:30 PM
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Great summary! Agree with you on pretty much everything. There's a tight corner I took everyday to work, and the front of my last 997.2 would push if I don't do the first half of "slow in, fast out" part. With 991, turn-in just feel fast without the front end push.

Looking forward to your pictures.
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Very refreshing review. Glad you can appreciate the Jackal-and-Hyde nature. Will be back in the UK in a few weeks. Hope the weather improves. Cheers.
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Originally Posted by Alstoy View Post
Very refreshing review. Glad you can appreciate the Jackal-and-Hyde nature. Will be back in the UK in a few weeks. Hope the weather improves. Cheers.
I am guessing that you meant Jeckel and Hyde.
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Originally Posted by gota911 View Post
I am guessing that you meant Jeckel and Hyde.
Now that you mention it Tim, I actually meant Jekyll and Hyde. So, we both type like we drive-a little too fast.
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Congratulations. Aprreciate your thoughts. Let's see some UK sun (and pics) soon , then.
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Nice summary and PICS please!!!!
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Old 05-01-2012, 11:50 PM
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Great review/comments and completely agree on all aspects.
I am absolutely loving the 991. I have this sense that part of the reason why there is so much differing opinion around this car is because Porsche has built a next gen 991 that is actually ahead of its time.
It has created the most all purpose, versatile 911 taking advantage of available technology combined with existing and anticipated regulations. I expect more will be on the way with updated versions. It's one of the most radical departures for Porsche.
I imagine many will hate the all-purpose nature of this car for obvious reasons, but for the majority of 911 owners, this will be a blessing as it provides everyday daily driving comfort as much as it provides stellar sports car driving experience - how many other cars can we name that can deliver this with this level of engineering, precision, technology and brand image?
I admit around the city (New York) and vicinity I find myself more often putting the car into Sport mode to have more fun and agility, but on a drive of several hours on the interstate over a few hundred miles I also love the smooth, efficient, comfortable drive in full auto mode (PDK).
This car has impressed me, and again coming from a 993 owner...what a departure (still love the 993 though!!)
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Old 05-02-2012, 12:51 AM
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refreshing to finally read some positive reviews from people who have the 991. i agree wholeheartedly with the assertion of the car transforming once put in Sport mode.
First day I had mine, I only drove in normal mode (I have a 7MT). Second day I had the dealer walk me through the car and its features and when I asked when I should use Sport mode, dealer replied "anytime you put the key in the ignition"
I did and have never turned back. It does transform the car from a Ford Focus to a beast.
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It seems as more get delivered and actually used, some of the pessimistic views based on a quick test drive, or just speculation even, seem to be ebbing.

Intersting thought re ahead of its time. I don't disagree. Since the platform is it for the next 14 years, it had better to be up to date...
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Congratulations on the new car! It looks very nicely optioned. Enjoy!
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Originally Posted by 97c2s993 View Post
I have this sense that part of the reason why there is so much differing opinion around this car is because Porsche has built a next gen 991 that is actually ahead of its time.
Interesting observation. Your comment reminded me of something I recently read in Car and Driver so I went back and looked it up. C&D said, "it doesn't feel like the next 911, it feels like 3 generations from now".

BTW, congrats PocoLoco!
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Old 05-03-2012, 04:50 PM
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I have similar spec to you. Wanted the SPASM but my dealer thought would kill resale and ride quality badly affected on UK roads.

Can I ask how you find the ride quality? And how you would rate it versus other 997s you have driven.

Thanks and glad you are enjoying car. Maybe I'm getting old but I love the dual nature.
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SPASM is 10mm over the 20mm of regular pasm, so 30mm total drop compared to non pasm car.

I have it too, it's great. Rides nice, not rough, looks perfect.
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Old 05-03-2012, 05:23 PM
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I agree on the ride and looks.

I do believe you are mistaken on the drops though. My understanding is:

PASM: -10 cm
SPASM: another 10, so -20 cm from regular
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