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Hurricane 01-12-2019 06:10 PM

Originally Posted by adcampo (Post 15558211)
I'll take a look at the PSI. Do you guys feel the onboard gauge is pretty accurate?

Mine is a second car and will be parked for winter too, but since I just got it, I'm still driving it any chance I can.

After today's wash, I'm planning on some clay bar and Zaino treatment over the next few days. We have snow in the forecast in DC.

Thanks all.

The snow forecast keeps on going up and up! I am not too far from you. :D

I used to put winters on my 991s but now I just garage mine. Last drove it two days ago or so. Too cold for summer tires now and they have also put all that junk on the roads in prep for this weekend’s weather.

Originally Posted by adcampo (Post 15558504)
In follow up to LexVan. I'm at 32F/39R cold temp in the TPMS gauge.

That is a little higher than what I do - I usually go with comfort, partial load, and then maybe add 2 PSI. My TPMS in my current and previous 991s have been accurate but a use a gauge to check when filling them up.

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