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Over-engineering a simple task...

Old 05-05-2018, 09:42 PM
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Default Over-engineering a simple task...

A few days ago, in response to my post about mods to my Carrera T, someone asked me how did I attached the 911_T logo to the engine grill.

Yes, I could have simply used double sided tape... but in the truest Porsche spirit, I decided to over-engineer the solution, (ie: 911 cup-holders) to try to make this as stock as possible.

First of all, I sourced the 911_T logo from the parts department at a dealership. Yes, they still have available the original logo for the 1968-197? model.

First thing I tried was the 3M automotive double-sided tape. The problem was that the fins on the grill were too thin to secure the emblem in a safe way.

Then the second problem was that the two plastic prongs on the back of the emblem were way too short, so once the emblem was on the grill, the prongs would not come out the back, so that was not an option either.

So, I decided to extend the prongs and create an attachment point behind the grill.

Here is the list of parts:

911_T logo, Dremel tool, black plastic box, 6-32" coupling nuts, 6-32" machine screw nuts, 6-32" x 6 inch zinc threaded rod, flat black paint, red paint, crazy glue.

First step was to paint the coupling nuts and the threaded rods flat black. I did not want to see the shiny silver parts from behind grill.

Now I glued the coupling nuts to the prongs on the back of the emblem, and screwed a rod on each of the coupling nuts. I positioned the logo on the grill, and marked where to cut the rods to the correct length. I used the Dremel to cut the rods to size:

Now I needed something to put those rods thru in order to lock them in place with a nut. So I used the Dremel to cut a square of black plastic to fit right behind the fins, in between two of the louvers.

In the picture below I drew the plastic pieces in red so you can see them, as the idea was that being black they would be almost invisible back there. Also note that I covered everything with a towel to avoid dropping a nut, bolt or screw back there and making it impossible to retrieve:

In order to figure out where I needed to drill the holes on the plastic pieces (see the example holes on the red rectangles above, they are not centered), I painted the bottom of the rods with red paint, so they would show a red circle where they touched the black squares, and that would be the position where I needed to drill the holes. At the same time I added two thin strips of 3M tape to help me keep the logo in place while I positioned everything to screw it in place:

After marking the holes, I drilled the plastic pieces, and positioned them behind the grill. Then put the logo on top of the grill and screwed two nuts from the back. In order to be able to screw the nuts I had to use the remainder of the threaded rod to hold the nut on the end of the other rod, and then 'transfer' the nut from the rod to the extended prong. Then just tighten the nuts. This is the view from behind:

And this is how the coupling nuts look behind the emblem once installed:

And a close-up to the logo once installed:

Don't worry, the logo looks a little crooked in this picture as I was still adjusting the position while tightening the nuts. At the end the logo was perfectly straight! Yes, I have OCD...

And finally, the over-engineered logo attachment project completed!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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Awesome post! It looks fantastic.
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Old 05-05-2018, 10:02 PM
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Nicely done!
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Old 05-05-2018, 10:09 PM
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Looks great and adds a nice vintage touch.

This is my idea of over-egineered... A beer stabilizer.

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Old 05-05-2018, 10:16 PM
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Well done. You must be part German.
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Originally Posted by 9ELOVIN View Post
Well done. You must be part German.

Haha. Yes, 10% German according to 26AndMe!
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Nice work.
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Just. Wow.
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Very classy!!!! Well done!
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That is truly awesome!
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Very factory.
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All that unsprung weight at the rear! Have you considered replacing the metal emblem on the hood with a sticker?
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Originally Posted by alex_c View Post
Haha. Yes, 10% German according to 26AndMe!
That is your problem right there. You obviously have extra chromosomes for OCD.
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