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CAlexio 03-05-2019 08:33 PM

2019 Geneva Auto Show.. pics & thoughts.
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Geneva Auto Show had amazing offerings this year, as it always does.. but maybe we've reached peak sports car, where this is all becoming a bit irrelevant. Where $2Million was once a lot, this year we leapt to $16M for the Bugatti black car or whatever.. where 1000hp was once massive, this year we hit 1900hp with the Pininfarina Battista. 0-60mph.. 1.9 seconds.. as if that mattered. there are going to be almost a thousand more $1M+ cars on the market this year.. and 10,000's in the just below $1M.. that's a lot of wannabe millionaires taking out 120 month mortgage-like loans on their cars & coffee show pieces. No one is driving them anymore.. the only relevant ones are the beautiful and unique cars with an ethos.. Stratos, pagani, RUF.. a few others these will continue to do well. Aston with their amazing 003 and Valkyrie... insanely desirable. But overall, we're reaching #peakauto .. more car sharing, more speed limits, more EV's, stock market peaking.. massive overcrowding at the top. I don't know.. I don't know. It feels different this time. A few car companies like jag & LR didn't bother showing up, others like Ferrari are barely trying (although the Tributo is gorgeous.. GORGEOUS). We'll see, maybe I'm just having a little personal moment.

Going back for a deeper understanding tomorrow.. more people to talk to. Right now, I want to take home the Nuova Stratos most of all, the Aston Valkyrie AND the Aston 003, the Na RUF.. if someone could steal the Zonda for me.. maybe the new Audi EV.. ok that's it. I'm good for now.

Favorite "cheap" cars are Alfa's new small SUV.. nailed it.

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CAlexio 03-05-2019 08:36 PM

Have more pics but.. tired

catdog2 03-05-2019 08:54 PM

Originally Posted by CAlexio (Post 15683053)
Have more pics but.. tired

thank you for sharing... great pictures

the original Stratos was a very small car ... the Alfa 4C is a closer spiritual tribute to its intent than the F430-based Stratos redux though it looks gorgeous... get a 4C in white and with Alitalia stickers/livery you can relive 1976 at a discount ... :)

Check this out for Stratos and another classic the Lancia 037

No EV can reproduce the environment and sensory feedback of these cars even with a 1.9s 0-60

Although with low center of gravity from batteries and limited slip/torque vectoring immediately available all via software they are going to be tough to beat...

just recently model 3p announced to get a 25hp boost via software update for free.. how much was the x51 option on the 991.1 again??

djcxxx 03-05-2019 08:58 PM

I’m sure these exotic cars are fabulous to the majority, but to my admittedly aged eyes they all seem odd, weird, ugly, and devoid of automotive romance as I understand it. Thanks for the pictures and narrative, I gather Porsche came to the show rather empty handed.

Nizer 03-05-2019 09:16 PM

Originally Posted by djcxxx (Post 15683107)
Iím sure these exotic cars are fabulous to the majority, but to my admittedly aged eyes they all seem odd, weird, ugly, and devoid of automotive romance as I understand it.

And where do you realistically drive any of them? At a hermetically-sealed branded track day??

Clexio, great photos. Need more of the bikes.

montoya 03-05-2019 09:35 PM

Thanks for posting CAlexio!

Promise Alpha 03-05-2019 09:43 PM

Thanks for sharing.. Big rides came out to play.. The sights I saw is really amazing.

Jimmy-D 03-05-2019 09:46 PM

Great photos.

Thanks for posting

iammacey 03-05-2019 09:49 PM

These are great photos. Thank you for sharing.

I thought we had reached the plateau of what could be done for the street with the Veyron. Then the trinity dropped and I thought that was it. Everything after will just be small evolutions. And they just get more wild, more powerful, and more impressive. And more expensive. Which I understand. I also understand that very few of the people that can afford them will actually drive them, and that's a shame. The majority of them that do get driven properly will be the press cars while the others go to a select few that lock them away. And to be clear, they have every right to do that. They can afford it, so go for it.

Someone revived the 2006 thread where the Enzo was shredded on the PCH... As stupid as that was, and I'm glad no one was killed, I'd rather lose a few of these cars being driven (on-track) than have them all locked away as a collector piece.

As we move closer towards a future of electric power and automated driving, I do look forward to seeing what other insane and amazing cars are still to come.

usctrojanGT3 03-05-2019 10:05 PM

Cool pictures, but a complete FAIL for Porsche....I'm very disappointed on what they brought to the show.

Fdvigna 03-05-2019 10:25 PM

Aston Martin is killing it this year...:burnout: and Koenigsegg with a great car! :thumbup:

P equivalent to "no show" so far...:crying::icon107: but we know they will be back... wonder what they will do to surpass 918 ... they need to match or be ahead of all these other hypercars... and right now they are lacking. I wonder if it will be another couple of years until we see what's next ... :confused:

surfer 03-05-2019 10:33 PM

Grazie for posting CAlexio.

I too am smitten by the AM RB003. Such a cool design and implementation of V6TT/Hybrid.

Jesko looks t-ts too.

That Lagonda looks like a tumor is protruding from the rear end.

Got any photos of the Rimac C_Two or AM Vanquish Vision?

ipse dixit 03-05-2019 10:46 PM

Awesome photos.

Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:

Waxer 03-05-2019 10:51 PM

Thanks for the pics and effort but they are all irrelevant to me and way outside my little universe.

tasman 03-05-2019 10:52 PM

thanks Alex. Looks like an awesome and overwhelming event

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