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How loyal are you to your nearest Porsche dealer?

Old 09-08-2018, 11:04 AM
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I am loyal to Porsche Central Austin. They have always done the right thing by me, including 2 new GT3's at MSRP.
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Old 09-08-2018, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Dougr743 View Post
I want to help hard working people make solid income. I would pay more for (just about anything) if i felt the person working on my behalf is genuine and wants to help make the experience gratifying. I want that person to financially benefit from the process. If they just cannot get you a car due to limited allocations or the fact they have a laundry list of people and can never fulfill all the demand, they will not be upset if you find a touring somewhere else. They should be thankful you got want you wanted, kept a purchase in the porsche family, and congratulate you on finding a car!
This is the correct take. A good sales person will never be upset about you buying a car from some one else that they were never going to be able to get you. Why would they, that didnít take food off their table. Instead, that good sales person will be glad, because now you have a desirable asset for them to try and get out of you on trade for the car they are able to sell you. People are funny about their idea of loyalty. Loyalty isnít ďI buy this from you, or I buy it from nowhere.Ē Thatís being a fool, and will not win you the respect of a sales person, I promise you. Loyalty is ďIf I have the opportunity to buy this from multiple places, Iíll buy it from you because I value our relationship, even if youíre not the absolute best deal.Ē

As for loyalty to your local dealer, is there befit to it? Sure. But you have to be realistic about the ability of a particular dealer to get you what you want. If youíre in a small market, and you arenít the richest person in town, well, odds are no matter how good a customer you are, theyíre already full up with better ones. So, your loyalty should go to the dealer that can reliably get you the things you want at a value thatís reasonable to you. If thatís a dealer the next state over, or across the country, so be it.
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Old 09-08-2018, 12:07 PM
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Loyalty is fine and great - then dealers realize that loyalty isnt as profitable as huge ADM. Thats been my experience thus far - and you can try to do everything to prevent it such as sign a contract ahead of time, place a deposit, blah blah blah... None of it matters while the grass if green, going to say most dealers are going to try and get as much of an ADM as they can.
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Old 09-08-2018, 12:52 PM
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My local dealer has no issues at all will forgetting who you are, Do I buy 5 undesirable cars a year to keep them interested in, but i have bought and traded in enough cars to warrant a return phone call.....I have found that with not only PNH , but with are only as good as the last transaction made.....The last 3 gt cars I have bought have been from out of state dealers willing to deal!
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Old 09-08-2018, 01:05 PM
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I won't be loyal to a dealer as I now enter just about every showroom with the expectation that I don't expect them to be loyal to me, that's just the way Porsche dealers have become for the most part. Very greedy and putting profit over customer. I'm just not wealthy enough (or have the desire) to become that preferred VIP local customer by going through Macans/Cayennes/Panamera & CPO 911s, it's cheaper to pay an ADM. Also, you can be as loyal as a dog in your eyes, but the dealer might have a different perspective on if you did "enough" to ensure you get the allocations/cars you want and you might not even know. One SA might say one thing, the GSM another, another SA another thing, and the principal another thing. If there was a "guaranteed" or clear process that puts you in a dealer's loyalty program that would be nice (like a specific amount of money you need to blow, profit you need to generate for the dealership, or ala 918 VIP program ), but trying to earn your local dealer's good graces is highly speculative at best for the most part (we've even seen with some people getting in writing MSRP GT allocations and the words not worth the paper they are written on). This could be very market dependent as well

So if a dealer is going to sell GT allocations at market price/ADM (just about every dealer I've spoken to on 992.1 GT3 has come out and said this *now*, whether or not the economy takes a dump or whatever may happen in the future which is odd to me), then I'm going to follow suit (tit for tat I guess) and negotiate prices into the ground for market price nationwide on any Porsche car, and let the dealers compete for my business rather than try and be loyal which could cost me more money, more stress & time, and still not get me what I truly want = GT allocation. I'm hunting for a Cayenne and I might be interested in a 992.1 C4 next year, and both will be bought from the dealer that gets me the absolute lowest price, don't care about loyalty and I'm not going to spend 5 minutes thinking about that anymore. When 992.1 GT3 comes around I'll do the same, unfortunate as it is, and likely hunt for the lowest ADM during the mid point of production and see if it's a car I want or not. I have a better relationship with my Toyota dealer back home in Hawaii where I pay their asking price because the experience is wonderful, all they are about is earning my business and doing whatever it takes to make me a happy loyal customer & they discount upfront and off the bat. It's a refreshing experience oddly enough, and so in return I want to support them/be loyal to them. Maybe I am just the 918 VIP owner in their eyes and other people are writing this about my Toyota dealership (all I did was buy 2 Highlanders 10 years apart...)
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Old 09-08-2018, 01:12 PM
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Short Answer: NO

Porsche Chandler, AZ opened May 1, 2016, has had 4 complete staff changes in the 2 years of operation and nobody recalls the $250k deals I have done with them. As part of my 2nd GT4 purchase I promise to trade it back in and Aaron Z promised that I will be on the 991.2 GT3 car list. As staff departs, my verbal promise to get a GT3 car vaporizes even after I chased down the 3rd sales staff change. (Ironically AJ Chiron left shortly thereafter and Scott Jenkins has even less of an idea that I have been a loyal customer, having my 3 Porsches serviced exclusively there).

One last attempt at diplomacy I arrived, spoke with salesperson Mike and during the conversation relay the above and try to persuade him with "I have $400k in GT cars to be trading in".

Next week at Cars N Coffee, I hear that the dealership had just sent an email to all on the GT car list asking for bids on a GT3 RS allocation, highest wins that allocation. Again, I am not getting that email so it is very clear that I have no path to a GT car from this dealership and our relationship got dropped by the dealer

I got the word, No soup for you Seinfeld, time to pound the pavement.
Found an allocation on the secondary market and sold one of my GT4s on RL (thank you RL). Loyalty goes both ways

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Old 09-08-2018, 01:36 PM
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There are too many customers for them to care. I donít blame them. If someone doesnít work out- they will just move on.

They all suck and most suck at their job. No one at the dealership knows about PTs, how CXX options work. Just lazy and want to make a sale and move on and then rub it in your face what a favor they are doing for you.

i got screwed out of a PTS slot cause the sales guy had no clue how the process worked. I wanted to get cxx options on the seat inserts- again- deer in headlight look. Totally useless. So no they donít get any loyalty.
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Old 09-08-2018, 01:48 PM
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Very loyal to my dealer, Porsche of Melbourne, Fl. Have purchased several (9) cars over the years, GT cars at no more than MSRP, discounts on others. They do all my maintenance and warranty work, track prep, (roll bar installs, brake pads, tires, alignment, springs...) frequent oil changes, minor mods, etc. I purchase my parts from them and have established a relationship with the techs, service manager, parts and sales staff, and owner. I know I may pay a bit more for service than at an Indy, but I trust that the work will be done correctly, and that I will be taken care of promptly. Well worth it in my book!
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Old 09-08-2018, 01:49 PM
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Define loyalty... i don't chase new cars. But I am pretty loyal to my local dealer. Nice guys, but I don't ask a lot. They cut me a deal on parts and service when I need it.I've bought a few cars from them. The sales reps are honest. Said they could get me a 991GT3 at MSRP, no strings, but I passed, like I said, not a new car chaser.
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Old 09-08-2018, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Spyerx View Post
Define loyalty... i don't chase new cars. But I am pretty loyal to my local dealer. Nice guys, but I don't ask a lot. They cut me a deal on parts and service when I need it.I've bought a few cars from them. The sales reps are honest. Said they could get me a 991GT3 at MSRP, no strings, but I passed, like I said, not a new car chaser.
If I had a beautiful silver 997.1 RS, I wouldn't chase new cars either
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Old 09-08-2018, 01:58 PM
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Only dealership I can say I'm loyal to is Capital Porsche (Mike Ludes) in Tallahassee, on the opposite coast -- a Rennlist sponsor. I know some people like to say they are all stealerships or that you shouldn't trust any dealer. But if you guys knew the efforts Mike has gone to for me, even on transactions where he wasn't involved, you'd understand my loyalty.

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Old 09-08-2018, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Ascend View Post
If I had a beautiful silver 997.1 RS, I wouldn't chase new cars either
Its a 10 footer. Like all my cars :-)
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Old 09-08-2018, 02:06 PM
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I understand the relationship i have with my dealer. Their job is to extract as much money from me as possible, and my job is to make sure that doesn’t happen very often. I do not expect preferential treatment from them when it comes time to buy a new, special GT car. That’s fine. I am still way ahead of the game by refusing to play their game.

I am not loyal to them. They are not loyal to me. But i do like the people in service, so i take the car in annually.
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Old 09-08-2018, 02:06 PM
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I am loyal to mine as they always deliver for me. Every GT car at MSRP. However, they have had changes in GMs over the years, but my salesman has been there for a long time. The owner of the dealership owns about 20 different dealerships and is also local to me. I get all my cars serviced there. They have asked me for small favors, cars for commercials/displays/advice on parts for other customers etc and I have no problem helping. I am an easy customer, they never ask me to buy any extra services etc.
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Old 09-08-2018, 02:07 PM
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There are definitely some stand up sales guys and single store dealers as noted here. Probably like 10 dealerships at the most nationwide. They aren't too common these days with all the growth Porsche has had and consolidation of mega-multi dealerships. The turnover rate is like a revolving door at most of these places now. Your "guy" or someone that told you this or that may not be there next week. Years of loyalty flushed down the drain. Most sales guys are just short sighted and see no value in establishing long term relationships. They go week to week.
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