991 GT3 GT3RS and 911R
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.2GT3 for .2GT3RS

Old 06-08-2018, 11:26 PM
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why bother if you are not a track the 38K and another one will come along in the future for a better deal.........
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Originally Posted by Ascend View Post
Second martin here. Montana LLC is a great way to save tax money if you are not faint of heart.

If no WP, I wouldn't bother.

WP is the new RS
to each his own
i would pay more for non WP
wp is the new civic

of course that's just me
i would never buy a 997RS4.0 with chrono no mattefr how cheap and low miles.
and no front axle either. they BREAK.
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If I had a pdk I would do it, especially here in Texas. Being in a state that doesn't allow tax credits, I probably wouldn't.
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If you don’t track, it all comes down to if you prefer the look of the RS over the gt3. I would go as far as if you don’t track on a somewhat advanced level you will never get the full advantage of the RS.
I personally love the changes they made on the gen2RS. So if you like the appearance of it I would say go for it.
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do it. I traded my manual gt3 in for msrp, but I had to pay an adm. Yes, I am getting sales tax credit (FL)
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Originally Posted by carnut52 View Post
My dealership has just received an extra allocation for an early GT3RS available for the first US build cycle. I can order the car however I want except no PTS or Weissach package. In return they want my .2GT3 for $13K below MSRP and I can have the GT3RS at MSRP. I would lose about $24K on the GT3 including $13K plus $11K in tax.The car I spec'ed is $217K plus about $14K in tax. In my math I'm out about $38K (24K plus 14K tax) to get a .2GT3RS. I can only have the GT3RS if I sell back my GT3 at their price. I have agonized over this deal for a week. I have until June 15 to make a decision. Half the time I'm against it because I'm not really a track guy and I'm already down $38K but another side says do it because the car is so hard to get. Thoughts or opinions? My GT3 has an MSRP of $168 and has 800 miles on it.
Seems like a no brainer if you donít have to have WP. The RS will retain higher value than the 3 so that should be factored in. Regardless $38k is not really bad considering what youíre getting. Most ADMs on the RS are $40+ but youíre getting that WITH tax rolled in. But what I donít get is why no PTS or WP? What is early build cycle? My 3RS is PTS and WP for Sept build. WP was a must for me.

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Old 06-10-2018, 03:50 AM
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RS unless your GT3 is manual and/or pts
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Originally Posted by mooty
to each his own
i would pay more for non WP
wp is the new civic

of course that's just me
i would never buy a 997RS4.0 with chrono no mattefr how cheap and low miles.
and no front axle either. they BREAK.
Mooty, i was right there with you. I tend to think less-is-more on visual design. But at the last minute, I went WP. There's no way to spec this thing in a visually less-is-more theme. There is a scoop, hole, piece of plastic, 2-tone theme every 2' on this car. The hood brake ducts and fins on the "turbo intakes" just added that much more visual stuff going on. And the .1rs already had a whole lotta stuff going on before the .2 added more. I even paid $8k in cxx on my .1rs to get rid of the plastic deck lid (painted it UV) and make the interior stitching black. I blacked out every piece of platinum/silver bling to keep it UV and black-only. But on this new RS, i gave in and went full blown obnoxious in-your-face visual spec. It's Yellow with WP and red calipers; about as polarizing of a color combo as one can get.

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I think the deal they are offering you is fair
your car trade in is probably msrp , so effectively you are paying 13 k ADM which is very good at this time ,
as far as tax situation, no one can advise you on that
having owned .1 GT3 and .1 3RS , I skipped the .2 GT3 and went directly to a .2 3RS and I don't track
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Actually am in the same boat ...
RS at sticker but not planning to get WP and I donít track my cars.
My gt3 sticker was 180k and I paid little over 200k including taxes and accessories. Car has 330 miles in 6 months and dealer is offering only 165k but I do have an option to sell privately
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I am now really leaning toward going ahead and just doing it. I guess looking at it as only a $13K ADM and forgetting the taxes, then it does seem to be at least a fair deal in Michigan. In following the market on RL it appears that the premiums for the .2 GT3's and GT3RS's aren't going to be as high as on the .1's. so its a bit of a gamble on just how much or little I will make or lose on my next Porsche purchase. I'm trying to work my way towards a GT2RS allocation at MSRP. There is an outside chance that this could happen as there is a customer on the fence with his order. I know that I said I wasn't a track guy but I guess I'll have to give it a fair shot. I did enjoy the Atlanta experience for a day when I took delivery of my 2017 TTS. I guess the next decision is red or GT silver.
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Do it and go the Montana LLC options. there are people you pay couple hundred bucks to file the paper work and it saves you several thousands of dollars.
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rs > pdk gt3 in terms of capability, panache, value retention, but maybe/maybe not looks ... is it worth addl $? well we each have to decide

stick gt3 vs rs? different kettle of fish
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For me the reasons to pick a gt3 over a 3RS are the Touring package and 6sp manual. If pdk to pdk then I see no downside, not even the additional $$ you pay upfront.
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