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911 owners, did you also get a 981/718 later on?


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Marine Blue
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I will readily admit that from a very young age of 10 up until about 1998 I was completely obsessed with the 911. I knew for certain that at some point in my life I would own one and that desire never subscided until the introduction of the 996. When the 996 was introduced I started losing interest in Porsche’s and at that point stopped paying attention to the newer cars. The mid engine cars never really caught my attention until the introduction of the Spyder for reasons already mentioned. But I still lusted after the older air cooled 911. Since I still place the 987 Spyder at the very top of what I want in a sports car I could never justify selling it to buy another so the only solution was to buy a second fun car, hence the recent purchase of the 964. Owning both cars I can say that the mid engine is without question the true descendant of the original air cooled cars. The way they handle, the focus and the lack of extra girth has many similarities to the older cars.
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Wondering if any others either haven't been bitten by the 911 bug or just have a muted desire, at best, to own one someday.
The 911 has evolved over the years from a raw sports car to a refined GT car. Believe me the 991 has almost nothing in common with the first 911 I purchased many decades ago. As a mater of fact I'd say that the 981 has a lot more in common with earlier 911s than the 991. I reference the 981 rather than the 718 because the 981 is normally aspirated.
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I think there's a natural progression that tends to occur in a lot of Porsche owners, leading first back to air cooled, then to the improved handling of the mid engine cars. I'd always dreamed of a Porsche, and when it became a realistic possibility I opted for the 997/911, the icon. Admittedly, at the time, I hadn't driven that many 911s or Boxsters. I loved that car, but in my discovery of the brand, and as I delved deeper, there was a drive to understand the heart of the issue, which led me back to a low mileage 993, which I owned concurrently with the 997. I had it modded for performance, and it was really fun to drive, but the quality was not anywhere near the 997. The AC was pitiful, and the fit and finish of the car was generally lacking, exactly what you'd expect from a car built with 40 yr old technology.
So I sold it, combined the $, and bought a special order 997 GTS Cab. Great car, silver with red, ut sideswiped by a woman in a Subie who said she was under a lot of stress. I always figured I'd get a manual GT3 at some point, so when they announce the 991 would offer no such thing, I went for a GT4. This actuated my mid engine conversion, but I realized what I really wanted was the Spyder, which is where I am now.
The 911 just doesn't drive like the mid engine platforms - they're so effortless. That said, I'm thinking of adding a 911 to the stable for my 55th bday gift to self. The mid engine cars are amazing handlers, but when I walk into a showroom and see a 911, I'm amazed by their presence. I feel like I'm looking at a Picasso, or a modern art sculpture. And I think RAS will help manage some of the less desirable handling characteristics of the rear biased icon.
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Late to this thread, but;

Had a Boxster RS60, MT. Loved it. Sold it.
Bought a 911 50th Anniversary Edition. PDK.
Missed the RS60.
Bought a 987.2 Spyder. MT.
Sold the 911 last week.
New 911 Targa on order.
Spyder is next to go when the weather warms.

So many cars, so little time...

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I've had 7 different Porsches as of this time, three 911 variants ('71 911, 90 C2 964, and a '07 997 C4S Cab), one 356 ('58 cab), two boxsters ('97 986, '13 981 S) and one Cayman ('14 981 S PDK) in my lucky lifetime.

I still own four of them, two 911s (the '71 and the '90) and the two 981s (The cayman is the new track car now that the '71 is getting a bit to dear to track regularly). I have loved them all, and they're all very different, We had a beautiful day in the pacific northwest this past monday, and having a day off of work as well I took out both the Boxster and the 964, and was amazed at the different in the vehicles, and how I love them both but in very different ways. I will probably own another newer 911 in a few years but we'll see. I think I like them all in different ways. I'm considering letting the 964 go for now as I don't really need to keep it, but I'm just not sure I want to just yet. The '71 was my first and I've owned it for 24 years so I'll probably keep it forever.
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Definitely not redundant cars. Have a 911-50th with PDK, ultimate cruiser Porsche. Have GT4 for when I'm feeling frisky, looking to trade it into a Spyder. Had a 981 CaymanS, manual w/sport chrono and X73 suspension, awesome combo..
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Originally Posted by CarAholic View Post
I've had both, went from a 991S to GT4. They are both so different in driving dynamics I don't think it's redundant at all to own both. As far as one or the other it comes down to personal preference on the different dynamics. I absolutely adored my GT4 but it eventually grew boring for me. For fast mountain roads the car just obliterated them so effortlessly that over time it took the fun out of it. I came to appreciate the rear engine 911 as it brought more driver involvement to get it right. Drive both and see which you prefer.
This is pretty much how I felt...
Had a 997.2 C2S & 997 GT3 & 991 GT3. At some point the GT4.
Post above explains for me.
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Mark Dreyer
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Love my mid engine Porsches. Such a wonderful chassis. Picked up an 05 Carrera today. I’m looking forward to some rear engine fun.. Variety is the spice of life.
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