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Richard 92 C2 06-11-2004 11:11 AM

Bush Administration
Hi alL

Just thought I'd drop in and say hi to everyone, i've been rather shy for a while.

In the latest 911 Porsche magazine I found an article about the trailing arm bushes on a 964, as anyone who's had to replace these can tell you it's a fairly costly excercise ...

The article is fundamentally about how to replace these bushes without having to buy the complete trailing arm assembly. It also goes on to tell you where to buy the new bushes and a pictorial step for step process for doing it at home.

So, me being the DIY type, ordered a set of the new bushes from the chappie in the magazine and proceeded to strip the TA (Trailing arms) assemble from my car ... easy as pie, three nuts and its a done job ... No mess (ok, some brake dust mess) no fuss ....

The next trick was to remove the old rubbers and bushes from the TA's, aha, Not as easy as it sounds, in my 13 year old 964 the corrosion took its toll on those there bushes, they were stuck like crap to a wool blanket. In fact, I had to take the TA's to a local engineers to remove the bushes.. He battled a little but managed to get them out without damaging the TA's (or breaking a thumb - Yes I did hit it with a bloody hammer).

Inserting the new rubbers and bushes was a cinch, easy peasy .... took all of five minutes to do both sides .. Put the TA's back onto the car (remembering to copper slip all nuts and bolts) and dropped it back to floor level.

I can honestly say I can feel the difference in the drivability of my car, it feels tight and steering feels more responsive (I can't explain why) but I can say, I saved about 500.00 in doing it myself. I can recommend the DIY task and on a scale of 1-10 for difficulty, I score it about 3

Hope this helps someone else .... P.S. Anyone need any further info please feel free to drop me an email or message!

Regards and thanks

Phil Raby 06-11-2004 12:51 PM

Hi Richard

I wrote that article and it's good to hear that you found it useful. It's great that people no longer need to have to buy complete wishbone assemblies when the bushes go.


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