Vitesse Stage II Write up

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at first it seemed fine and there were some stumbles, but it was running ok, then I blew a HG because the motor was super lean, then I went to the dyno and found out how lean I was. After dialing it in with the k27 at WOT on the dyno to be safe to drive it was just supper choppy around town and it was just not a happy car. I'm sure it could have been worked out, but the tuning was just not going well....

The MAP did seem more powerfull than the MAF, and it did seem smooth, but the more I drove with it, the less I liked it and the more I didn't like my car. The vitesse kit has been better, i'm sure overall you could make the 2 cars run very similar with the same turbo, but the difference, between the two companies in my mind, support. John has been incredible with helping me set up the car, and danno was always a bit harder to get a hold of, and he assume i knew more than I did. Maybe it was just miscommunication but I just never felt like I was really being helped, more or less just testing an unknown.....
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Great feedback John, I too will soon be buying a 951 and have been pondering what turbo upgrade to do and the more I hear about the Vitesse kit the more I am leaning that way.

Just another quick question,
To get the turbo to fit, do you have to grind on the compressor housing or the inlet manifold (or both?).

Also, if you could do it all again would you go for the stage 1 or 2 kit?
The reason I ask is that reading this thread it apprears that the st1 kit makes boost quite low down (sounds suprisingly tractible with a nice wide torque curve). Do you think st2 would be a worthwhile option for an otherwise stock 89 S that is primarily used for weekend fun, no real track usage.
Thanks and good luck with the kit, keep us posted on how it performs.
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Well,I have stage 1 with great success and a gigantic grin.

You only have to grind the turbo housing and reshape or fabricate a water pipe to fit.Now all that is easy if you have a Dremel,but will require a good 4 hours (maybe more) to index the turbo,grind and fit with the intake on top. Until everything is sitting properly and the turbo outlet pointing the right direction.The fitting part is what takes time,cause you will put everything (turbo, water pipe,intake) together,only to take it apart until it's a perfect fit.
I did it with the motor out of the car,and it still took me 5hrs

As for choosing the stage 1 or 2. No matter what you choose,you will always want more? So go with what is best for your style of driving,ie:track,street,autocross.I'm sure John will be able to guide you.

For me stage 1 is great at 337rwhp. I don't find to many cars on the highway or track,that can keep up.
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Ian,,keep us posted on the dyno and tuning. I've got a friend down in TX who just got a Stage II kit, to install in November when we go through his engine, 99k. The email John sent out the other day, on SMT5 had his name at the bottom of the email, as a new owner of the kit.

What OS are you running on the laptop for tuning,,any kinks found?

Are you running the stock head or have you had some P&P done to the intake? The car it will be installed on will probably have a LR Stage II head but he isn't sure at this point.

How did the start up software go and how many changes have you made? Do you have a WBO2?

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I remember meeting you in the spring and you were unhappy with it, I didnt know it was Guru's MAP system.
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In order to fine tune the Guru system you have to follow Danno's instructions. The best is to watch the A/F ratio as the car goes through the different zones at part throttle, half throttle, WOT and whatever. On a dyno or on the street with a wide band sensor. I have a wide band sensor and I placed the wide band display and the Guru programer beside each other on the passenger side of the dashboard. Some velcro does the trick. The best is probably to videotape it. Then you see what zones the car goes through, adjust the programer accordingly until you have the desired A/F ratio.

Tons of torque and power after 60 minutes on the street with a good buddy of mine, that's all what it takes.

If you only adjust WOT on a dyno you won't be happy, but hey that's the advantage of the Guru system: a full 3 D adjustment for your fuel map! Any questions please email me at [email protected]
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