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Dan87951 11-17-2001 06:46 PM

Huntley Stage 3 MAF color codes
Does anyone know the color code combos from the ARC2 to the DME box and to the maf. My car is having a hard time idlig after moving the maf from one car to the other. The problem is when you start the car the idle jumps to about a 1k rpms then jumps back to 100rpms and does this several times until you give it gas then slowly monkey with it until it idles on its own. I tried several different setups with the arc2, and no matter where i set it on a cold start it will still do it. Any ideas? Other than that on the road the car runs great and boosts fine and mixture looks fine as well.


Danno 11-17-2001 10:27 PM

Be careful about the color codes on the Huntley MAF because the wires that come out of the sensor is a certain color. Then that is soldered to their own wiring harness with a different color scheme. So depending upon where you look at the wires (at the sensor or other end of wires), you'll see different colors.

The problem you're having though, sounds like a defective idle-stablizer valve.

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