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3 Liter Turbo Registry

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Tom M'Guinn
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Default Official 3 Liter 944/968 Turbo Registry (Congrats to Darwin!)

Please post about your 3 liter (or otherwise big) 944 turbo motor in the format below. Feel free to include additional details about the motor in your post -- with extra points for pictures -- but be sure to include an entry I can copy into the list in the format below. There is a separate list below for motors in progress, so please make sure to clarify whether the motor is up and running.

Current list of completed motors:

00. ModdedEverything951S, 3.1, Darton Wet, 106, 88, Wossner/Pauter, 2.7, TecGT, VR Cam, VR5
1. Duke, 3.0, Alusil, 104.5, 88, mod 968 variocam, Link G3+, Garrett GT3582R, builder: Duke 514/450 at wheels
2. Diver944, 3.2, Nikasil, 108, 88, JE, 2.7, Vittese, stock, Garret hybrid, 393/480
3. John Torgersen, 3.0,Steel, 104, 88, JE, 2.7, Motec M4 Pro,K27/8, [email protected]
4. John Torgersen, 3.0,Steel, 104, 88, JE, 2.5, LR/Stg3 MAF, T04 Hybrid, [email protected]
5. Targa72e, 3.0, Alusil, 104, 968 mod, 968 head, Motronic, T04E, cam and hp n/a
6. Mike O, 3.0, Alusil, 104.5, 88, HMR, 16v, TECgt, HMR turbo, cam and HP n/a
7. SoloRacer, 3.0, 16V, Motec
8. Kasturbo, 3.0, Alusil, 104.5, 88, Mahle/Andial, 2.7, LRS75, VR turbo, Webcam, HP n/a
9. George D 3.1, 105 Nicom, 88.6, Custom Ross Racing, TECGT, 951 cam, [email protected]
10. Arto951 3.0, Alusil, 104.5, 88, Mahle/Andial, 2.7, Holset Turbo, Tatech EMS, dBilas cam
11. Pete96zhn, 3.0 darton mid, Wossner pistons, 944 head, VR EMS, Holset turbo, Standard cam
12. Phlip, 3.0 Darton Dry, 105.5JE pistons, S2 16v head, Autronic SM2 EMS, T3 turbo (R.I.P. 3/15/09)
13. Ski, 2.8, Alusil, 100.5 Ski/Mahle pistons, 88 stroke, 951 head, LR EMS
14. TurboTommy. 3.0, Alusil, 968 mod pistons, 2.7 head, VR EMS, VR turbo, JME cam
15. Weston D., 3.0, Alusil, 968 pistons, 951 head, LR EMS, rest n/a
16. [email protected], factory 968 turbo. Nuff said.
17. Boost Feen, 3.0, Alusil, Tom C/Arias Pistons, 2.7 head, Motronic, LR61 turbo, 951 cam, hp n/a
18. Joel8005 3.2, bore material n/a, JE pistons, 2.7 head, LR EMS, turbo/cam/hp n/a
19. David Floyd, 106mm SFR bores, JE pistons, 951 head, VR EMS, VR4 turbo, cam and hp n/a
20. Jason Judd, 3.0 (?), Mahle pistons, Carillo rods, head n/a, Lindsey Super 75, Autronic
21. ShApe, 3.0, Alusil?, Pauter, JE, LR solid lifter conversion, 2.7 head, Web cam, HP n/a
22. CMF, 3.0, Alusil, PO rods, 88, 951 head mod, VEMS 3.3, webcam, Garrett GT3582, [email protected]
23. Corleone, 3.0, Darton MID, JE, 951 head, Link G2, JME solid cam, 449hp/[email protected]/1.25 bar
24. Turbo-Uli, 3.0, 104 Alusil, 88 crank, 16v head, rest n/a
25. Nick_968, 3.0, Alusil, 104, Mahle/Andial, 2.7 head, Motec, VR5 turbo, JME cam, 370/355 @?
26. jm964cab 3.0, Alusil?, JE pistons, KKK28/9, Mafterbuner, APE MAF, cam and hp n/a
27. zagaone, 3.4, 16v. 108mm bore/93mm stroke; electromotive; 493rwhp/486tq @1bar.
28. 968TurboS, 3.0 Nikasil block, Carillo rods, JME 2.7 head, GT3076R
29. Josh B, 3.0, 8V, Mahle, VR EMS, Wasted Spark, VR5Turbo, Pauter, Webcam, LR Solid cam
30. Miles968, 3.0, 16V, Mahle Pistons, PH Custom Rods, PH K29 Turbo
31. tone3721, 3.0, Alusil, 104mm, 88, mahle, 2.7, LR, stock(951), VR3
32. 420WHP944, 2.8, 8V, Carillo Rods, Mahle Pistons, Kokeln Club Turbo, MAP Sensor, 422bhp @1.2 bar
33. dand86951, 104.75 alusil, 88 crank, JE coated, 2.7 head, TEC3, K27/8, Carillo Rods
34. tomjshore, holy grail motor -- factory 3 liter turbo
35. Thom 104.5 M/Andial, 88mm, '89 8v, carrillos, GTX3076R, PT Vi-Pec/J&S, SFR I/C, LR 3", KEP2/930
36. A.Anon, 3.2, Nikasil 108 bore, 88 crank, JE pistons, Carrillos, 2.7 8v, VR Maf, 3" exhaust, SPS turbo
37. Fortysixandtwo, 3.0, 968 head, 968 block, Tec-3, Under Pressure Performance turbo
38. apitts73, Lindsay built 3L with everything
39. mikes3.0cabturbo 3.0 16v alusil, 104.5 wossner pistons/wossner rods, 60-1, 4424EMS2.
40. Tom M'Guinn, 3.0, Alusil, 104.5, 88, Mahle/Andial, 2.7, VR, Gomes, VR5, 498/503
41. Urs, 3.0, Carillo, Walh/Mahle, 7mm valve guides, K27
42. JET951, S2 engine, wossner 8.0:1 CR 16V, SFR intake, vitesse stage 5
43. ninfiveone, 3.0 MID, Wossner Pistons, Haltech, VR 8V Sledge head, cam, 415 rwhp @ 20psi
44. tkgb, 104.5 S2, 88 stroke, w÷ssner piston/rods, LR super 75, motronic, 4-1 headers, 408 RWHP at 1.2bar
45. ChrisJ951, S2, Wossner Pistons, Carillos, Spec S3 hybrid, LR Super 65, LR stage 2 head, Webcam
46. SSI Performance, 105S2/88 Nikasil, JE, 2.7 ported , Wossner Rods, Vi-PEC, more, 402/[email protected] dynapac
47. 951_VAB, 104mm JE, Carillo, 2.7 worked head, JME cam, LR 75/10/P, LR MAF, 951Max chips
48. Thingo, 3.0, 8 valve, Arrows/Wossner, Twin scroll FP HTA GT35 twin tial WG, Motec ecu,sdl,cdi
49. blown 944, 2.85 custom stroker, JE, Eagle, sleeved/filled, Holset HX40/35 S w/Garrett hotside, Rogue tune
50. Grushy, Lindsey-Built 3.0 JE pistons, alusil, solid lifters...
51. Bri Bro, New factory Block, 100.5, 88, Mahle, Carrillo, Vflex+ E85, VR4, South Bend, LR intake, Ported head
52. Rluciano 104/88, Mahle/CEP pistons, Carrillo, 2.7 by Neil H., GT3582R, Link G4, mystery cam
53. Refresh951, 3.12L, Hybrid Stroker, 8V, JE, Eagle, sleeved/filled, 102, 95, GT3582R, Rogue tuned, 535/487
54. blown 944, 3.0 custom stroker, 105.5, FRF Deckplate, Eagle, sleeved, Holset HX40, 95One Intake, Rogue tune
55. Jon951, 3.0L, 104mm, 16V, JE, Crower Rods, Revline Racing Intake, VR S5 Turbo, Rogue, 500 rwhp at 15.5 psi

1. 333pg333, 3.?, 8v, Darton dry, 105, 88, Supertech, CEP, LINK G4, CEP, BW S362
2 mickeyoman, LR 3.1, 105 NiCom, 88, JE pistons, Carrillo, 8v LRsolid, LR S75, LR Chips/MAF
3 Olli Snellman, 3.0, Alusil, 88, Mahle/Andial 104.5, 2.7 head, Holse turbo, VR EMS, Dbilas cam
4 adrian1, 3L, Mahle 104.5/88
5 spoolin51, 2.8 8v VR cam, GT3076R, Darton Dry sleeves, JE 106mm,LR EMS
6 Chad951,968 block, 2.7L 8V head, Alusil, Mahle/Andial 104mm, Carillo, Raceware, WFHG, K26/8, Webcams 274
7. Tom M'Guinn, 89 2.7 block, 105.25 Mahle/Heritage lower compression pistons, Heritage/Milledge big stud kit, 2.7 big valve head
8. thingo, 3.1 Mid with everything
9. 968turbos2, 3.0L 16V, GTX35R, JE Pistons/Darton Sleeves/Pauter Rods, Tial 46mm, Custom dump pipe, Coil on Plug Ignition

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Mine is in the works. Will hopefully start in Spring.
ETA : started in August 2009.

Bore: 104.5, Alusil bores
Stroke: 88
Pistons: Mahle/Andial 104.5 turbo pistons
Rods: Carrillo
Block/Crank: 93 968
Head: 89 2.7
Turbo: GTX3076R
Engine Management: Pauertuning's Vi-PEC/J&S set up
Other: SFR FMIC, Tial WG, LR full 3" exhaust, Walbro fuel pump, KEP St 2 PP with 930 disc

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Olli Snellman
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Mine is under building process
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3.2 Liter 968. Just working out the final details, should be on the Dyno in a couple of weeks for a final tune.
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Does a 3.2L Turbo count or am I too big
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2 builds. One 3L 8v awaiting final parts before re-assembly/dyno work. Larger 16v project half done. Waiting on the world's economy to change....
Bore:106 (3.1?)
Rods: Arrow
Block: 2.5 Darton dry sleeves
Mgmt: Link G4
Head: 2.5 CEP racespec w big Cam
Turbo: Borg Warner ETT 362 hybrid
E85 map.
Other stuff etc.....

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Tom M'Guinn
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Seems to be a growing group -- and yes post up all 2.8 and up motors! Would be interesting to hear basic specs. I'll start:

Bore: 104.5 (no sleeve)
Stroke: 88
Pistons: Mahle/Andial 104.5 turbo pistons
Rods: Carrillo
Block: 89 2.7
Head: 89 2.7
Turbo: VR5
Engine Management: VR
Other: Gomes cam
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Bore: 108 (Sleeved, Nikasil coated)
Stroke: 88
Pistons: JE
Rods: Carrillo
Block: 89 2.7
Head: 89 2.7
Turbo: Garret/KKK hybrid
Engine Management: VR

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2.8 needs rebuild this winter (some stuff already in works):

Bore: 101 (likely - stock bores are scored and still need machined, staying Alusil)
Stroke: S2 crank (is this the 88 as mentioned in other posts here?)
Pistons: Wossner (to be ordered for alusil use)
Rods: Carrillo
Block: 87 2.5
Head: 87 2.5, 944S 16v
Turbo: VR stage 4
Engine Management: VR (93oct mostly, want 100oct tune and may try e85 down the road)
Other: probably add the Saiko-michi oil catchcan, need a Tial 38mm, need a new muffler, need venturi-delete
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Default OK, I'm in / 3ltr @7psi until it breaks in

Running 7psi for now. Will get back with a dyno in the near future...
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Originally Posted by Joel8005 View Post
3.2 Liter 968. Just working out the final details, should be on the Dyno in a couple of weeks for a final tune.
Be interested to know the details on this one?
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Jeremy Himsel
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Bore: 104.5 Stroke: 88
Pistons: Mahle/Andial 104.5 turbo pistons
Rods: Pauter
Block: 91 3.0
Head: 89 2.7
Turbo: VR5
Engine Management: VR
Other: JME CAM
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I have one (and its running!!) I will have to do a write up some time. 8V head, machined 968 pistons, TO4E maf,3" turbo back.

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Chris White
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A bunch, many flavors! 8v, 16v, 104mm, 105mm, 106mm and one 108mm.
2.5 blocks, S2 blocks, 968 blocks.
Mostly Electromotive management

BTW - here is my 'Black Friday' picture - lots of stuff showed up on Friday. 4 TecGTs (2 going to 3.1 engines), 2 sets of pistons (one set is for 8v 3.1), a Vitesse turbo, a rather fancy dry sumpump and some other odd and ends.

Hmmm....might be able to make a '12 days of christmas' song out of that!
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My build will be done by Christmas.

89 2.7 block
89 2.7 head
pauter rods
mahle pistons
968 crank
VR stg3 turbo
lindsey mafterbrurner
951max chips
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