YouTuber Flips Porsche GT2 RS Following Accusations of Flipping

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Does selling multiple Porsche vehicles for profit shortly after you buy them make you a flipper? Well, this guy doesn’t think so.

Porsche has a flipping problem. They’re well aware of this, obviously, and are taking steps to correct it. And yet, it remains a highly controversial topic among fans of the brand. Some even go so far as to blame Porsche for encouraging this type of unsavory behavior. They point to the fact that the automaker builds limited-edition vehicles and sells them only to a curated list of customers, which, of course, increases demand, drives prices sky-high, and encourages unsavory behavior.

It’s one of those darned if you do, darned if you don’t scenarios. And recently, the automaker’s attempts at stopping people from flipping its latest supercar, the Porsche GT2 RS, for huge profits has affected well-known YouTuber Salomondrin‘s attempts at buying one. Thus, he did what YouTubers do. He made a video and complained about the fact that Porsche treated him like a flipper. Then, ironically enough, he revealed that he flipped his Porsche GT2 RS for a tidy $15k profit.

“I can treat Porsche the way they treated me as a customer,” he said. “‘Cause you guys know, most people say they treat me like a car-flipper. And that’s ridiculous, because I’d love to know if anyone can come up with a list of cars that I flipped and made money on.” Funny enough, he then immediately admits it. “There’s one or two cars that I’ve sold or made money on that I sold a year after I bought. That’s about it.”

Ironic, no? The funniest part of this entire ordeal is that the Internet is forever. And unsurprisingly, many followers are quick to point out that Salomondrin has indeed not only flipped a couple of Porsches in the past, but he’s also made videos about them. Unsurprisingly, many of those comments have since been deleted.

Prior to flipping his GT2, the YouTuber parted ways with his Porsche 918 just last year. Apparently, he sold that car to “invest in other areas,” as he puts it. “It’s not to cover the price of the house. It’s for me to reinvest again in more real estate so that I can have more passive income coming in. I’m securing the income that I don’t have anymore because I’m not working all the time.”

Heck, he even goes so far as to say that Porsche’s hypercar isn’t any better than a regular old McLaren. “The 918 and the 675 LTR are on the same level, almost. Yeah, the 918 is legendary for everything that it does at the track. But I don’t need that anymore.”

But don’t think that he simply recouped his investment here. No word on exactly what that transaction netted him in profit. But after logging only 1,000 miles on his 918, he sold it for a cool $1.8 million. So you know it was a substantial amount.

And those aren’t even the sum of the shenanigans this guy has subjected Porsche to. Earlier this year, he reportedly special-ordered a PTS Acid Green GT3, only to cancel the order — after the car was built and delivered. Salomondrin even admits that he isn’t sure how this would affect his standing with Porsche moving forward. “I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if this is good for the future, or this is bad for the future. I have no idea.”

So why, exactly, did he put Porsche on the spot after ordering such a specific vehicle? He decided that he wanted a Bugatti Chiron instead. And it turns out that this isn’t his only flip-flop on the brand loyalty front, either. Heck, three years ago, he made this video declaring that he would never dream of buying a McLaren. Only to seemingly jump ship now.

So, is Porsche right to treat Salomondrin like a flipper and less than a loyal customer, or is this insufficient evidence? Well, quite a few folks right here in the Rennlist forums are quick to side with the automaker, and they have valid reasons for doing so. “Seems a bit bitter to me because he didn’t get his PTS,” notes BK77.

“In another video last week, he said f*** off Porsche and f***off to McKenna,” said DainLankfordLA. “Then this week he has a car from McKenna and is ‘happy’. In other words, threw a tantrum like a baby a few weeks ago, got McKenna’s attention, and they caved due to his audience on YT. Now he will complain and flip the car (as he does all of his) and make money. Case closed.”

“Solomondrin could talk under water,” said Manolis. “Just blubbers and blabbers on endlessly about himself and his opinionated drivel. Porsche was smart telling him to shut the F up and wait in line. He even blubbers on trying to convince everyone he is not a flipper. What a tool! If the hat fits, wear it!”

“Salomondrin is simply a sourpuss,” said GT3RS-Fan1. “As much as he wants to act like a Porsche VIP, he is not. He is NOT even considered a VVIP (one who buys multiple Porsches in a given year). He is a known YouTuber and does not have any technical know-how to share on any of his high prized cars he owns. The more I think about him flipping his black GT2RS for $15K, it’s because he already paid ADM on it and can only fleece somebody by that much.”

Porsche GT2 RS

And that’s just a sample of the many, many comments pointing to all the evidence that Salomondrin is, in fact, nothing more than a flipper. If nothing else, you can’t blame Porsche for treating him as such. And in the end, they don’t need to bother with him at all, truthfully.

There are plenty of dedicated Porsche fans out there in the world who actually drive and enjoy their special edition cars. So why waste your time with someone who’s bound to trash it as something that isn’t special, flip flop brand loyalty, and make videos about it?

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