Walk Through a Used Porsche 911’s Pre-Purchase Inspection

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There’s no such thing as being too careful when you’re about to buy a used car. Despite all the records and stories the previous owner might supply, there is no replacement for doing a thorough checkup by a trusted mechanic. It’s cliche but true: a few extra careful hours ahead of time could save you days or weeks (and hundreds or thousands of dollars) down the road.

Josh from Right Foot Down made an entire video about this when he came across a 1991 Porsche 911 that he was considering turning into a project car. Josh’s trusted shop is IMA Motorwerke, a place that specializes in German cars, especially Porsches.

So what does IMA do which can’t get done in the car owner’s driveway? Well, first and foremost, the technicians likely have more experience and more knowledge than you do. They also have better tools, electronics, and a lift that allows you to check out every part of the car.

Get your notepad out, check out the full process below, and find out why Josh ended up passing on this 996.

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Via [Right Foot Down]

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