Thief Graduates From Stealing Cards to Stealing Cars

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2019 Porsche Cayenne S

Small time crook tries to hit with big time with a Porsche Cayenne.

A thief in Leeds, England, committed his first crime last August, stealing a birthday card with a little cash inside. For his next crime, he went for the gold, stealing a Porsche Cayenne. Fortunately this inexperienced thief was easily and quickly apprehended.

According to The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 30-year old Simon Jennings broke into a home last summer and was scared off by a the occupant. Afterwards, the homeowner noticed the intruder had taken a birthday card with twenty pounds. One month later, Jennings burgled again. He broke into a second home and stole several items, as well as the homeowner’s Porsche.

While this leap from petty theft to grand theft was not only daring, it was also very stupid. Jennings left his fingerprints all over the scene, was easily caught by law enforcement, and recently prosecuted. This small time crook is currently residing in the big house.

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