The White Hell: Porsche 911 SC RS Rally Car Drifts Snowy Nürburgring

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Porsche 911 SC RS

When I lived in Syracuse, I found out that winter can be oppressive at times. It can beat you down, seemingly mercilessly, with snow storm after snow storm, and nary an end in sight. But If I had seen this video back then, I would have welcomed all that snow.

Check out all the fun driver Patrick Simon is having blasting this Rothman’s Porsche 911 SC RS around a blustery, billowy, snow-covered Nürburgring. Why was I camping out inside my dreary dorm room when I could have been outside driving around sideways?

Now, bear in mind, I didn’t have a car at the time, so walking around in the snow wouldn’t have been nearly as fun as drifting this SC RS. This baby was designed to be a rally racer back in 1984 — bred for the dirt with 290-horsies under the hood.

I suppose there are some similarities between snow driving and dirt driving, so maybe that’s why this car rips so well around the White Hell. Well, that, and let’s pay a heap of credit to wily Simon too, who somehow navigates half-blind around perhaps the world’s toughest track.

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