Singer and Williams New Flat-Six Sounds Amazing

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You already knew that the new Singer and Williams 4.0-liter flat-six looks incredible. But wait until you hear how it sounds!

The latest and greatest collaboration engine to date, the Singer and Williams 4.0-liter flat-six, is already one of the most beautiful powerplants ever made. But now that we’re getting to hear the all-new, 500 hp engine for the first time, we must say, it also produces some of the most incredible noises we’ve ever heard. And this aural symphony is coming from a test car, no doubt. One that Singer decided to ring out on a typical summer day in England.

Singer and Williams

Singer calls this latest project, developed in cahoots with Williams Advanced Engineering, a “performance research study.” It all started when three Singer clients requested a “new level of restoration,” one that would satisfy their goals for more performance and less weight. This naturally aspirated 4.0-liter is the first creation from this relationship. And boy, what a creation it is.

Of course, plenty of shops can build engines capable of producing lots of output. But this impressive piece of machinery wasn’t just built by Joe Engine Guy. In fact, Singer and Williams brought in none other than Hans Mezger to consult on the project. You know, the guy who also just happened to design Porsche’s first ever flat-six engine. Not to mention many of the automaker’s great racing powerplants over the years.

Singer and Williams

The first lucky recipient of this exciting project is established Singer client Scott Blattner. And we must say, we’re more than a little jealous. In fact, his 1990 911 build will be his fourth, joined by a pair of coupes and a Targa. But so long as we get to hear his new beast screaming all the way to its 9,000+ rpm redline a few times, it’ll be all good.

Singer and Williams

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