Rennlister’s Porsche 944 Widerstandsfahig Tops Wekfest Lineup

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Fresh off winning awards & ripping up autocross events, forum member Brian Bergeron’s Porsche 944 heads to the nation’s ‘dopest car show!’

To find one of the best builds we’ve ever seen, we didn’t have to go far. Because Brian Bergeron, founder of Widerstandsfahig and owner of a wide-bodied, autocross-ready Porsche 944, is also an avid Rennlister. His super-lightweight, LS-swapped ride not only served as the springboard for Bergeron’s burgeoning business, it’s quite the statement piece on its own accord.

It’s not that Bergeron hasn’t always been a Porsche 944 fan. Not by a long shot. In fact, he first fell in love with the platform as a teenager. The 944 was his first car, his second car, and it’s his current car. But his latest creation is a far cry from those early, street-friendly rides. Right around the time he decided to get serious about his racing career, Bergeron quickly realized that he needed to step up his ride, too.

Porsche 944

In his own words, Bergeron felt that he has been “at a gun fight with a knife.” Thus began his epic build thread, which began right here at Rennlist nearly three years ago. It’s based on a new chassis, which someone had already begun to seam weld. Perhaps the most impressive part of the whole build, however, is Bergeron’s custom wide body kit, which he designed himself. Little did he know at the time that his work would lead to something much, much greater.

Even more impressively, Bergeron wasn’t exactly a professional fabricator at the time. He mostly just learned as he went, including his efforts at metal work. But you’d never know by looking at the fruits of his labor. We’ll just assume that he has a boatload of natural talent. The kind we’d be more than happy to be blessed with.


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The finished product wasn’t just another race car, in fact. It was so nice, it not only captured the imagination of everyone here at Rennlist, it even won Best Overall Euro at Tuner Galleria Chicago. Then a couple more trophies at Autofest 2017. Then Best Craftsmanship at the 2017 Wekfest in Chicago. And you guessed it, even some magazine covers.

Porsche 944

That tremendous success demonstrated not only that Bergeron had a knack for this car-building thing, but that he could also turn it into a viable business. And thus spawned the idea for Widerstandsfahiq, a company that operates on the concept of building lightweight, handcrafted, extremely exclusive rides with a heavy focus on raw driving.

Even though Bergeron’s incredible Porsche 944 has begun its racing career, that doesn’t mean its life on the show circuit is over. In fact, the man behind this incredible build will be back at the 2018 Chicago Wekfest, otherwise known as “the dopest car show in the nation.” The rather exclusive show is celebrating its 10th anniversary by taking 300-plus carefully curated cars across the world for our consumption.

Porsche 944

Of course, we want you to be able to experience all this awesomeness. So we’ve teamed up with Bergeron to give away two VIP tickets to the Chicago Wekfest on May 20! And while you’re there, be sure and drop by and check out Bergeron’s incredible Porsche 944!

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