Rennlisters Get Inside Look at DeMan Motorsport’s GT4 Development Car

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There are a million reasons why Rennlist is THE place for Porsche fanatics, but events like this are right at the top of the list.

A couple of Saturdays ago, a bunch of Rennlisters were invited to drop by DeMan Motorsport to check out the Blauvelt, New York shop and get an inside look at their new GT4 development car. And drop by they did! From the looks of the ever-growing thread about the gathering, if you weren’t there, it looks like you missed a whole ‘lotta awesome.

Throughout the thorough behind the scenes investigation, Rick and the DeMan guys covered a lot of ground. Here’s the action items, from the event announcement:

1. Harness bar and sub belts installed with LWBS. (The RSS lightweight bar appeals to me.)
2. Car on a lift to see installation of toe links and shims.
3. What are the corner-balance settings for road / track use (figure 2-3 DEs per year)
4. Other concerns / considerations about tracking the car – (my previous DE car was a 944 Turbo) – what needs to be watched, checked, ect.
5. Displacement enlargement
6. Turbocharging feasibility?

Sounds pretty darn interesting, no? Well, if that sounds good, it looks even better. The gallery below features just a smattering of the thread’s amazing photos, taken by PistolPete, sonorous, and IzaacBrook. There’s also plenty of good info, and some lively banter, of course.

So head on in! It’ll almost be like you didn’t miss a thing. Almost.

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Photos [PistolPetesonorousIzaacBrook]

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