Rennlist Classifieds: A Porsche Haven for Rare & Unique Parts

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Rennlist Classifieds

Whether you’re searching for an elusive NOS part or a one-of-one color-optioned 911, the Rennlist Classifieds has it all.

In the old days, buying and selling cars and car parts typically meant heading to a local swap meet. Which, of course, was your best bet for finding that elusive emblem or dream ride. Alternatively, maybe you put out a listing in the local newspaper, hoping that the right person would see your ad. But then along came the Internet, a magical place where you can connect with millions of like-minded individuals in mere seconds. And years later, the perfect Porsche haven was born: the Rennlist Classifieds.

Sure, you can list your stuff on an auction site or one of a number of for sale pages. But none of them is connected to a forum chock full of Porsche fanatics like ourselves. And that’s the beauty of the Rennlist Classifieds. Buying and selling rare or not-so-rare parts and entire vehicles is an incredibly easy process. You’re cutting through the junk and noise present on most other sites and cutting right to the good stuff.

Rennlist Classifieds

Most likely, you’ve already got at least one Porsche in your driveway. But whether you’re restoring an old air-cooled 911 or looking for the latest and greatest exhaust to throw on your GT3 RS, chances are, you need something for your ride. That’s where the Parts Marketplace comes in. Here you’ll find plenty of parts, from ceramic brake pads to interior trim, much of which comes from Rennlist members. You’ll find exciting new products from our sponsors, too.

The beauty of the Parts Marketplace, aside from the plethora of goodies for sale, is the fact that you’ll find out about a lot of cool new products before most of the general public. Rennlist sponsors are also Porsche fanatics, and they’re passionate about their products. So it only makes sense that they are also members of the site, willing and able to chat with you about what they offer.

Rennlist Classifieds

And since shipping can be a pain in the neck, Rennlist also offers ShipNerd as a way to keep things fast and affordable. ShipNerd simplifies what can be a confusing process, requiring only a few steps to complete. And best of all, the site instantly compares rates between multiple carriers in real-time to get you the best price!

If your search leans more toward that Porsche you’ve been coveting for years, our Vehicle Marketplace is the place to be. Again, you’ll find listings from both Rennlist members and sponsors. Even if you need to buy or sell something other than a Porsche, you can do just that as well. It’s simply an incredible place to find some incredible cars, but the Vehicle Marketplace is also a cool place to spot unique rides you’ll rarely see anywhere else.

Rennlist Classifieds

Cars like this incredible Liquid Metal Chrome Blue 918 Spyder Weissach Package that popped up recently. The car was such a golden find, in fact, that it spawned an epic and highly entertaining Reddit posting.

So whether your looking to buy that elusive NOS part you need for your 356 restoration or covet a one-of-one color-optioned 911, the Rennlist Classifieds is a great place to start your search. Better yet, sell some of that old stuff you don’t need and use it to score a new ride! And even if you’re not in the market to buy or sell, cruising the classifieds is sure to get you in the mood to do either. Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it!


Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

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