Porsche’s Mission E is Now Called ‘Taycan’

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Porsche Mission E

We’re still excited for an all-electric Porsche, but it seems all the good names were already Taycan.

Porsche builds some of the most incredible sports cars on the planet. Those crazy Germans have even figured out a way to make sedans, wagons and even SUVs feel like proper driver’s toys. So how in the hell can a team of people so talented be sooooooo bad at naming their cars? Sure, the number nomenclature like 911 and 718 are fine. They certainly aren’t exciting or interesting, but they aren’t awful. Then we got the Cayenne and the Macan, which are both… less than great. But now Porsche has revealed the official production name of the Mission E concept, and they are plunging into new depths of bad naming. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the “Taycan.”

What. The. Hell. Porsche?

The name was released today during a special 70th-anniversary celebration for the company. According to Porsche, it’s a Eurasian word that roughly translates into “lively, young horse.” How did that marketing meeting go? “We need a better name for our upcoming electric sports car family. How about Mustang? Oh, that’s already taken? Ummm, what’s Mustang in a foreign language?”

Unfortunate naming aside, we are excited about the Taycan family. The first release will be a sedan built to tackle the likes of the Tesla Model S, arriving with nearly 700 horsepower and a range of 300 miles. If it handles like a Porsche, Elon Musk should be worried. That is if grown adults can actually stomach walking into the dealer and saying the words “Can I get a Taycan please?” Seriously, it’s such a pretty car with such an ugly name. Our brains still can’t quite comprehend it.

It almost hurts to type it. Taycan.

What are your thoughts on the name?

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