Porsche Tractors up for Grabs Ahead of First-ever Rennsport Race

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Porsche Tractor

Need a Porsche tractor for Rennsport Reunion VI’s inaugural race? This Rennlister has six of them to part with!

Mention the name Porsche, and most people think about motorsports, beautiful design, and downright speed. But few outside of Porsche enthusiasts know that Ferdinand Porsche was working on a tractor for the people at the very same time he was also developing a road-going sports car. At the time, farming was big business, and most people lived in rural areas. Things changed, of course, largely due to the automobile. But today, Porsche tractors are still celebrated artifacts and cool pieces of history.

Thus, the organizers of Rennsport Reunion VI have something extra special in store for tractor fans this year. They’re hosting the very first Porsche tractor race on Sunday, September 30 at Laguna Seca. Sure, it’s guaranteed to be the slowest event of the long weekend. But we’d wager that the participants will have just as much fun as the ones piloting much faster machinery. First, however, you need a tractor. Luckily, one Rennlister is selling a handful of them.

Unfortunately, the listing is in a private post that only paid members can view. But this is a collection that must be seen, so we’re sharing the pictures of these incredibly-cool Porsche tractors. So, check them out, and get ready for what might just be the start of a brand new trend in the world of racing!

1957 P111 VIN: 13573

1957 P111 VIN: 12473

1958 Junior 108L VIN: L22488

1960 Porsche 308 Super VIN: 17105

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