Porsche Represents at First-Ever Malibu Canyon Run

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Blasting down curvy roads on a gorgeous day amid beautiful scenery. This is what a proper Porsche was made to do!

When was the last time you took a “spirited” drive in your Porsche? We’re not talking about a grocery run or an afternoon sitting in rush hour traffic, of course. We’re talking about gorgeous scenery, a heavy right foot, and a little flat-six chorus playing in the background. The kind of drive that makes you forget about your ridiculous boss, annoying co-workers, and lifeless career. The kind of drive a Porsche was designed to take on.

Well, if you attended the very first VIBE Motorsports drive event, the answer is just a couple of weeks ago. It was then that a whole host of cars from every genre gathered in sunny SoCal for a day full of fun. And of course, to enjoy their awesome cars. After meeting up and making some new friends, the supercar conglomerate partook in one seriously fun blast through the twisty roads of Malibu. Because where else would you rather be on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon?

991 Porsche 911

That conglomerate included, of course, several Porsche machines. Including VIBE‘s own 991 911, which is a pretty sweet machine. But a day of hard driving deserves the proper send-off as well. Plus, sawing away at the steering wheel (and hopefully shifter) is a good way to work up an appetite. So the cool dudes at VIBE arranged to have some free grub at the end point of this journey. Which just so happened to be a private gathering at Malibu Mountain’s King Gillette Ranch.

Judging by the impressive turnout and how much fun everyone had, it was a great way to spend a day. And VIBE has already said that they’ll do it again, though they haven’t said when. If all of this sounds like a great way to enjoy your Porsche, stay tuned for that announcement!

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