Porsche Options You Love or Regret

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Porsche 911

Thinking about buying a Porsche? Here are the options our members rave (or rant) about!

In the old days, buying a car was pretty simple. Options were few, generally limited to things like engine choices and color. But today, ordering a new Porsche is a pretty long process with an incredible number of options. From custom paint to seemingly endless performance and appearance add-ons, virtually every car that rolls off the assembly line is wholly unique.

All of which got Rennlister SillyGoose thinking, what Porsche options do people love, and which ones could they live without? It’s a fun exercise, but it’s also an intriguing one. If you’re thinking about buying a car in the near future, this could certainly prove helpful when navigating the options list, after all!

“What were some options on your Porsche 911 (whether bought on the lot or custom ordered), that you were more disappointed with than you thought you would be, or were surprisingly very satisfied with?

On my 2015 base Cayman, I loved the PDK and the dual sport exhaust pipes option. Also liked the fact that it really didn’t come with any options other than that.”

Porsche 911

The results of this exercise predictably prove to be very, very interesting. In particular, DerekS doesn’t seem incredibly pleased with his decision to buy an AWD Targa.

“Satisfied with: multifunction wheel, PDK, PSE, heated seats, Sport Chrono (only because of Sport Plus). Disappointed with: ventilated seats (too weak / not cool enough). Targa lid (noisy). Also 4WD, don’t like the feel compared to RWD.”

Quite a few others chime in with complaints surrounding the ventilated seats and Bose stereo, in particular.

“Disappointed with the ventilated seats,” said Gonzalo38“They don’t cool enough. This should be even more important on a Cabrio during summer. The Bose system is nothing special and doesn’t reflect the normal good quality of Bose.”

Others, like yrralis1, are quite satisfied with their purchase. But one can always nit pick, no?

“I can’t think of even one thing which isn’t perfect with the car. If I nit pick, I don’t like the exhaust aesthetics of PSE being dual center pipes and regular (sport tip) exhaust being quad . It segregates (on sight) the setup. I feel the quad tip is dated, too. On the spy shots of the 992 it appears like a dual exhaust with larger pipes fused with the rear bumper. Hints that Porsche did some work on this.”

Porsche 911

Many chime in with their disdain for the optional folding mirrors, too.

“Love adaptive cruise control (worked great on the highway!),” says Hurricane.“Burmester and PCCBs.  Wheels were ALWAYS clean and I liked the feel, too. A silly option that was nothing but eye candy that I enjoyed were the illuminated CF door sills. First thing I always noticed when I opened the door. Always liked the ride and flat cornering with PDCC, too.

The aluminum look gas cap was ridiculous. Not only was it just colored plastic, but no one ever sees it but you. The all-glass sunroof let in too much light with the sunshade on very sunny days. Folding mirrors, never used them – the car isn’t that wide with the mirrors out anyways.”

Others, including Valvefloat991, love pretty much everything except the technology/connectivity features. Which isn’t a surprise considering most modern cars receive poor marks in this area.

“On my base 991.2, I’m very happy with the 7-speed manual. Shift feel, ratios, clutch action – all terrific. Leather-covered trim option looks great and reduces interior glare. 18-way sports seat plus feels great with excellent support and comfort. Leather dash and doors nicely complement the Bordeaux/Black interior with contrasting stitching. Heated multifunction steering wheel works well in winter and provides easy control of key functions.

On the other hand, the Porsche Entry & Drive is inconsistent. It occasionally requires multiple touches of the door handle to operate. For $1090, this is disappointing. The voice activation is hopeless. While nobody buys a 911 for this feature, good voice activation would do nothing to compromise the sporting character of the car.”

So far, this young thread has already exploded with posts filled with interesting feedback. It’s quite simply a heap of gold if you’re thinking about buying a Porsche anytime soon. So be sure and head over here to check out the entire thing. And by all means, chime in with the options you love and/or could do without!

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