Porsche Macan Embarrasses Multiple Sports Cars at the Track (Video)

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The Porsche Macan S doesn’t really care about things like the laws of physics, thank you very much.

The laws of physics state that SUVs and crossovers simply don’t make good track vehicles. Their high center of gravity and portly weight just doesn’t lend itself well in the corners, after all. But Porsche doesn’t care about the laws of physics. Nor do they adhere to them. In fact, they build SUVs that do the kinds of things SUVs aren’t supposed to do. Like embarrass sports cars on a proper circuit.

Now, we doubt many Porsche SUV owners are apexing corners on the weekend (except maybe while angling for that last parking spot at the mall). But there’s at least one guy out there using his Porsche Macan like Stuttgart intended. And that man is YouTuber PSolk.

Porsche Macan

PSolk made mincemeat of an assortment of track hero rides on this particular outing at New Jersey Motorsports Park. His victims include notable rides like a Corvette, Lotus, Cayman R, Carrera S, Cayman S, and a 944, for good measure. PSolk’s Porsche Macan S posts an impressive best lap time of 1:39 along the way, topping out at 126 mph and 1.13 max g’s.

Granted, PSolk’s crossover isn’t exactly a base model. In addition to the Porsche Sports Exhaust and Sports Chrono/Sports Plus package, he’s added H&R springs and Pirelli P Zero tires on 20-inch Porsche Spyder wheels. The result is a ride that lacks the straight-line speed of some of its sports car competition, but it makes up considerable ground in the corners. It’s like bizzaro world.

Porsche Macan

But it’s also proof that Porsche isn’t content with building ho-hum SUVs just to garner sales. Instead, the automaker continues to instill that unmistakable sports car DNA in everything they build. Laws of physics be damned.

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