Son Honors Dad’s Porscheophilia With a 1979 911SC

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You’ve heard the typical tales: dad has cool car, dad has boring son, dad sells cool car, son grows up and turns cool, cool son hunts down old cool car to give to old dad, dad cries, circle of life. Those are all excellent, and I, too, want to do the same for my dad’s ’68 Chevelle SS 396. But this is not one of those stories. This is about a car a dad never owned, and, sadly, never will.

According to the buyer, Douglas Jacobson, who found this car on Bring a Trailer, his dad “owned several Porsches in the mid to late ’70s including a copper 1975 914 and a silver 924.” Jacobson explains that his dad always wanted to go full 911, but thanks to some life and work complications, that never happened before his father passed away in a horrible accident and subsequent trouble with a surgery.

Doug, along with his brothers, inherited two great things from their pops: the love of Porsches and a good work ethic. Like many of us, they constantly browse Bring a Trailer, gawking at the awesomely unique rides. Then came along a certain car that really caught their attention. As Jacobson puts it:

One of those cars was a 1979 911SC. This would have been a likely target for my dad’s Porsche obsession if life hadn’t interfered. My younger brother texted me near the end of the BAT auction saying the car was still available, and at a fairly reasonable price. With less than 6 minutes left in the auction I registered, bid, and eventually won the White and Blue 911. My plan is to fly to pick up the car with one of my brothers and travel back on a glorious-yet tearful-1600 mile road trip home. No doubt there will be lots of reminiscing about Dad along the way. And Wendy’s. Dad did love Wendy’s.

So Dad, I finally got that Porsche you always wanted. I’m sorry you aren’t here to go for a ride. We love and miss you.”

Stories like THIS are a great example of how deep car love can go. Salute to the Jacobsons.

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