Porsche 992 911 Photo and Details Leak Online!

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Porsche 992 911

With a radically new rear end, powertrain improvements, and some interior tweaks, the 992 promises to be the best 911 yet.

It’s not exactly like Porsche has been coy about the latest and greatest iteration of its legendary 911 sports car. But so far, they’ve been reluctant to share details about the car. Sure, they’ve shown us a few pictures of it. But of course, those pre-production mules were covered in camo designed to blur the lines of the car, making it difficult to get a feel for its evolutionary design. But thanks to the ever-perceptive folks right here in the Rennlist forums, we now have some additional details to share regarding the all-new Porsche 992 911.

There’s just one tiny problem, of course. Porsche didn’t exactly want all of this info leaking out just yet. Thus, the original thread had to be buried. The good news is we were able to cull some usable info from before it was killed, so we can share that with you today. Along with the enticing picture of the uncovered rear end of a yellow Porsche 992 911, which you undoubtedly noticed at the top of the post. That photo was originally posted to Instagram, and we were able to screenshot it before it was deleted.

Porsche 992 911

We don’t have a shot of the front of the car yet. But we’re told that it isn’t going to change much, anyway. The real evolution comes out back, where you’ll find a number of updates. These include slats below the window, with the third brake light occupying the two inner slats. The Mission E/Taycan-inspired taillights are obviously a big change from the current model. And finally, you can’t miss the deeper, wider channels on the rear grille.

Interestingly enough, rumored horsepower figures don’t appear to be changing much, if at all. They suggest that the base Carrera will produce 370 hp. Stepping up to the Carrera S will net you 450 hp, or 480 ponies for the GTS. Topping off the new lineup is the Turbo (565 hp) and Turbo S (605 hp).

Porsche 992 911

A few additional details emerged regarding the interior of the Porsche 992 911 as well. Apparently, even though it’s the hot current trend in the automotive world, Porsche’s icon won’t be getting a push button start. Onlookers report that the car still sports the current enter and drive system. Which provides a small stick to turn instead of a key.

The new 911 also features regular shift paddles similar to today’s PDK-equipped cars. All the gauges were digital, save for an analog, center-mounted tachometer.

Porsche 992 911

All of which sounds like the typical 911 evolution we’ve come to expect with each passing generation. But Porsche sticks to that formula for one very good reason – it works. And by the looks of things so far, the 992 looks poised to take the crown as the best 911 yet.

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