GT Silver and Bordeaux Red Porsche 911: Exclusive Beauty

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Porsche 911

A carefully-curated options list makes this Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur-built 911 more than just another sports car. It’s also a true work of art!

Part of the allure of the modern-day Porsche 911 lies in the fact that it’s infinitely customizable. Unlike your average, off-the-shelf supercar, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur allows buyers to truly make their new ride one-of-a-kind. Pick your paint treatment, interior color and materials. Heck, throw in a set of one-off custom badges. The only real limits of what you can do exist in your bank account balance. The rest is wide open to interpretation.

Thanks to this exclusive program, we’ve seen some truly beautiful and unique Porsches emerge in recent years. The latest of which is this GT Silver Metallic and Bordeaux Red Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet. Silver is one of our very favorite colors on any gen of the 911, and it looks absolutely stunning here. And the Cabriolet makes a perfect canvas for what lies inside. And that’s an amazingly detailed red/black interior – a thing of absolute beauty. Silver accents, from the vents to various other trim, really set if all off.

Porsche 911

The painted rear diffuser is a nice touch as well, adding a bit of depth to the rear of the car. The exterior perfectly frames the interior, making this a ride we’d never want to raise the top on. Overall, this Porsche 911 is a special portrait of just what the skilled hands behind Exclusive Manufaktur are capable of.


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