Get Ready for the Mid-Engined Porsche 960 Supercar, Maybe

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Like Porsche fans don’t have enough to get excited about — including a next-gen 911 and the all-new Mission E electric four-door — the wunderkinds in Stuttgart may just be delivering something even more stunning.

Of course, if you’ve been hanging out on the Rennlist forums since 2013, you’ve been hearing chatter about such a supercar as the Porsche 960 for a while. But now, according to Car magazine, we have a bit more to chew on.

Porsche was awarded the “960” trademark in September 2015, but the press only recently picked up on it. So now Porsche is responding, in the “won’t comment on future models” way you’d expect. But then the spokesperson added something much more interesting:

“There’s not been much on the topic of new models but, if you look, there are blank spots in our range – and you have to look at what the competition is doing and keep these things in mind.”

Which leads Car to believe we’ll be seeing the all-new Porsche 960 in 2019, after the 2018 release of the next-gen 911. We’re talking about a mid-engined supercar slated to compete with the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB, the McLaren 650S, and the Lamborghini Huracan.

God, please let me be there for that track-day comparison.

For you cynics out there, no, this won’t be an amped-up Cayman. We should see entirely new underpinnings, a mostly aluminum body, variable compression ratio technology, a target weight of 1400kg, and possibly a flat-8 engine. All for the low, low price of roughly £200,000.

Obviously, nothing’s concrete just yet. But you can read all about Car‘s intriguing hypothesis here. Then come back and let us know what you’re doing in 2019.

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