5 Times Porsches Famously Eclipsed Their Music Video Co-Stars

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Superstars, Sexy Models and Porsches Mix It Up in Hit Music Videos. Guess Which Receives the Most Attention?

Cool cars have been a mainstay of music videos since the early days of MTV. And Porsche, of course, makes some of the coolest cars out there. So, naturally, the two entities would intersect at some point. And when they did, it resulted in a number of unforgettable music videos. But, when it comes to Porsches, these beauties are so easy on the eyes that, instead of watching the rock star who’s making the video, you often find yourself looking at the car instead. The following five videos feature Porsches that totally upstage their celebrity drivers.

1. Rick Ross – ‘911’ – Porsche 911

Rapper Rick Ross wrote a whole song about how much he loves his Porsche 911—and the video features two of the classic rides, a black one and a silver one. Ross is so into his Porsche that he never wants to part with it, and he means never: “If I die tonight, on the highway to Heaven, can I let my top down, in my 911?” he raps in the song’s chorus. In the video, Ross cruises down Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip in his 911, stopping by spots like Hustler Hollywood and Terner’s Liquor before retiring to a parking garage to lean against his Porsche and spit some more rhymes. Forget Lambos and Bentleys: Rick Ross just made Porsches the hottest cars in the rap game.

2. Jamiroquai – ‘White Knuckle Ride’ – Porsche 911 Carrera

A Porsche can outrun almost any other vehicle–unless it’s a helicopter. In this epic car-chase video, Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, who’s a licensed helicopter pilot, pursues a Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 across the Spanish desert. The action is so well choreographed that the chase sometimes looks more like a ballet. The Porsche tries to lose Kay’s helicopter by doing donuts and kicking up an enormous cloud of dust to obscure itself from view, but no luck. When it speeds off again, Kay’s still right behind it. Eventually, the Porsche driver, whose face we never see, bails out of the car, abandoning it under a bridge and escaping on foot. Jay Kay arrives to see the car is empty. Who was the driver? Why was Jay chasing him or her? Who would abandon a Porsche 911? We may never know…

3. 2NE1 – ‘Go Away’ – Porsche 996

Don’t mess with CL from South Korean all-female group 2NE1–she’ll run you right off the road, even if you’re driving a sweet Porsche 996 racecar. In this video, CL plays a race car driver who has to compete against her abusive ex-boyfriend. The video is in Korean, but you can easily get the gist of what’s going on: CL wants to reunite with her ex, but he’s not interested. When she pleads with him to give their relationship another chance, he flies into a rage and gives her a black eye. (Huh?!? Who creates these music video concepts, Jack the Ripper?!?) At her next race against him, she drives with new conviction. As she maneuvers her Beemer to push him off the track, he spins out of control in his Porsche, and both of their cars end up bursting into flames. Hopefully those were special effects, otherwise not only was the Porsche destroyed, but her awesome BMW E6 M3 was also totaled.

4. Calvin Harris – ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’ – Porsche 911

Scottish DJ and one-time Taylor Swift arm-candy Calvin Harris teams up with British singer Example for this mini action movie that features a red Porsche 911 racing a Ferrari 512 BB up winding mountain roads. Harris and Example play robbers who steal a briefcase full of cash, only to be beaten at their own game by a mysterious female motorcycle cop. (Taylor, is that you?) If you like to watch a 911 kicking up dust on sun-bleached roads, this video is right up your alley.

5. Billy Ocean – ‘Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car’ – Porsche 911 Turbo

In this hilariously-cheesy throwback music video, the ’80s R&B crooner drives a white Porsche 911 through a car wash where a cute girl works, just to get her attention. He must have left the window down, because suddenly his car fills up with water, and a cartoon fish starts singing and dancing with him. The cute girl takes off her car-wash uniform to reveal a gold dress underneath, and gets into Billy Ocean’s car. A dance party breaks out in the street, and then they go to a drive-in movie starring a cartoon duck in a neon zoot suit. This video is like a dream you end up having when you’ve eaten too much cheese before bed, but the Porsche is still cool. And, as strange as the video concept is, it helped this pop tune become one of the biggest hits of 1988.

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