All-Electric Four-Door Porsche Set for Production

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Remember the Porsche Mission E concept from this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show? Well, the venerable marque has decided to green-light production. So please raise your glass with me in welcoming the Mission E to the world’s greatest lineup.

Obviously, Porsche has learned a lot from its web-spinning hybrid, the 918 Spyder, because they’re charging into the all-electric four-door fray. The new Porsche is expected to have a roughly 311-mile range, thanks to the 800-volt wireless charging system. And it should only take about 15 minutes for an 80-percent charge.

But it’s a Porsche, so it has to move. Right?

Right. According to Gizmag, (who has officially called the Mission E one of their top concept cars of the year):

At Frankfurt, the Mission E concept was powered by a pair of permanent magnet synchronous motors teaming up for about 590 hp (440 kW). That power number and the acceleration estimate of 3.5 seconds for the 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint aren’t quite in the same league as the world class 918, but they’re nothing to scoff at and sound about right for an all-electric Porsche four-seater.

To help achieve such performance and efficiency, the concept employs a series of air inlets and outlets. It even has four-point matrix LED headlights connected to the air inlets. Nice.

Porsche is throwing more big money into their Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen production center to crank out the new electric car by the end of the decade. So we’ll have to cheers again then. Deal?

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