500-HP Porsche 911 Modified by Singer Is Perfection

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Singer-Williams Porsche 964 911

With more power from a 4.0-liter flat-six and less weight, this 1990s Porsche 911 is what dreams are made of.

When it comes to getting a restored, modified, or reimagined antique Porsche 911, no one does it better than Singer Vehicle Design. While cars from the Porsche specialist are magical in their own right, the company recently announced that it would be joining forces with Williams Advanced Engineering – yes, that Williams, from Formula One – to bring a lightweight, incredibly-powerful 911 to one special customer. Well, the two companies, which also famously collaborated on an awesome 4.0 liter flat-six, have released a couple more details and pictures of the vehicle and, as if anyone had a doubt, they’re breathtaking.

Singer-Williams Porsche 964 911

As Motor Authority reports, Scott Blattner approached Singer to see if the company could increase the performance of his 1990 Porsche 964 911 by taking out some of the weight and adding more power. The kicker, though, is that Blattner also wanted the car to look like it was all done at the factory.

As with its other bespoke vehicles, Singer went to work with its magical hands. Motor Authority reports that the company created a new underbody for the sports car using magnesium, carbon fiber, and titanium, which helped them optimize the car’s aerodynamics and keep the weight to a scant 2,180 pounds. The suspension was also optimized to be as light as possible and, get this, racecar driver Marino Franchitti and well-known automotive journalist Chris Harris helped ensure that the Porsche 911 modified by Singer handled like it’s supposed to.

Singer-Williams Porsche 964 911

So far, so good, right? But the best part has to be the incredible engine that sits at the back of the Porsche 911 modified by Singer. Williams, according to Motor Authority, brought Hans Mezger, the individual behind Porsche’s very first flat-six motor, on board to assist in developing the glorious 4.0-liter flat-six engine. The air-cooled engine, which is capable of screaming up to 9,000 rpm, cranks out 500 horsepower. Yes, Porsche fanatics, let us repeat that: it’s air-cooled. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox from Hewland, because you don’t want to ruin this magical experience with an automatic.


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Williams and Singer weren’t the only companies to work on the build, though. Motor Authority mentions that BBS placed a set of forged magnesium 18-inch wheels, which look like ones from Fuchs; Brembo provided carbon-composite rotors and lightweight monobloc calipers to the build; and Michelin developed unique Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires for the vehicle.

Singer-Williams Porsche 964 911

Love the Porsche 911 modified by Singer’s designs? This build definitely won’t disappoint then. On the outside, the 911 features a unique Absinthe Green paint scheme, which really brings out the Blood Orange interior in a special way. The hunkered-down look of the 964 911 modified by Singer is accented by the wrapped fender flares and slammed stance that fits the character of the car sports. There are a ton of little touches on the inside, as well, like the white tachometer and the green-lit gauges that are easy to miss.

Singer-Williams Porsche 964 911

The best part of this build, though, is that Singer and Williams will make an additional 75 units of the vehicle, and production will be handled at William’s facility in Oxfordshire, England. While there’s no price tag for the build, we wouldn’t be surprised to see prices eclipse the $1 million mark. Still, we think this, and every one of the 75 other units that will be built, are worth the insane amount of money.

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