Is the 1978-1983 Porsche 911SC Targa the Last Affordable 911 Model?

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1982-Porsche-911SC Targa

When I was but a wee little lad, my father homeward came one night and brought to my mother a used 1979 911SC Targa for her 40th birthday present. Alas, Dad mostly made her drive the Caprice Classic station wagon, which may very well have sealed the deal on their separation. But still, the model remains indelible in my mind as the classic to own.

Now, according to Automobile — which just profiled the 1978-1983 911SC Targa as one of their Collectible Classics — I could still have a shot at affording one. Apparently, it’s the one “desirable and affordable air-cooled 911 model left.” Wait till I tell mom!

Though some purist collectors may believe the model is too “common” to merit the big bucks, this may just be the answer for normal, hardworking, underpaid folks like myself, who have always dreamed of owning a classic 911, but have been crying at the recent auction trends.

The Automobile story offers plenty more pretty pictures of this hot 1982 SC, and goes into greater detail as to why this model may just be the “tipping point” which led to the “better, stronger 911.” Of course, they had me at “affordable.” What about you?

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