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Panamera 4S or e-Hybrid?!?

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Old 02-17-2017, 07:36 PM   #16
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Autoweek just reviewed new e hybrid and says no reason to get 4s over it. I agree. New hybrid fixed all the old ones issues. now has dct and awd. they say the e motor makes it more involving than the std 4s. Same pricing too I think. No brainer
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Check out the full video review of the E-Hybrid on Autogefuhl if you haven't seen it yet. Very informative.
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depending on your daily commute....

I think i would lean towards the E-hybrid.
In the city during the week i tend to run around in short stints throughout the day... so running full electric each day would be great. Quiet and no fuel.
On the weekend it is drive to the mountians on the twisties so gas motor would be the norm.

HOV lane access and electric car parking would be a bonus.

Charging station at my residience would be the only question.
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My 4S should be in around Mid-May, and I wished I waited for the E-Hybrid.
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I'm probably going to order a e-Hybrid wagon. The other car in the running still is the 530e, with obviously a much lower price of entry.

My wife decided to switch her Macan Turbo out for an i3 so we have a charging station installed at home. I think the total cost was just under $2k including installing a new 240V circuit.

Once you've spent the money, plug-ins just make the most sense.
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Testdrove a brand new Panny 4S today. I have to admit it's a beautiful car, but the turbo lag is noticable. I think I may want to wait for the e-hybrid and test drive before I pull the trigger. I'd like to see if the electric components of the e-hybrid allow for greater torque at the low RPM's and decreased lag.
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