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How To Polish Aluminium

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Default How To Polish Aluminium

I have this HOW To That I made on the Mazda Board... I have Tweaked it to be General and more towards "German Cars" Hope you like.

P.S. This is alot of work, do not start unless you have some time to get it perfect. When done it looks FANTASTIC! Bling Bling...


If this seems like too much work, It is, but it looks good...

1. Remove the piece that you want to do, or buy a duplicate on E-Bay. Take a drill and a round brass wire brush and go to town on the item to clean it up.

2. Get some "Wet Sand" sandpaper (Black) ranging form 200 grit to as small as you can. I have had as small as 8 Micron from a body shop. Normal paper felt more abrasive than this stuff.

3. In a laundry sink or outside on a table with the water hose handy, begin with the 200 on something that is smooth or 120 On coarse and a palm sander on all the flat surfaces with the water flowing over the surface. The water keeps the paper from getting clogged and makes the work much better because the small bits of aluminium that were removed tend to not get trapped in the paper.

4. Get all the other surfaces by hand. (Long F-ing Time)

5. Keep going until you are at your highest number paper.

6. Polish with a compound and a terry cloth towel. (Buffing Wheel If Available)

7. Replace and enjoy!

This is the Mazda Valve Cover, I have started to do the 944 Intake Mani.. More pictures later...

This is one of the best metal polishes I have ever used..

AUTOSOL from Germany.
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