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Update - keeping it!

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Originally Posted by Petza914 View Post
I just bought a used, but virtually brand new set of PCCBs for my Cayenne that will go on after the Widebody is completed - rotors, calipers, pads, sensors, etc for $10,000. That same Cayenne setup new from Suncoast is $23,000. They're impossible to find used - I bought them from Germany.

Didn't have them on my 997 and didn't want them when I was shopping for my wife's, but the car we found for her had them. She wanted to use some wheels I had on my car that wouldn't clear them so I swapped complete brake setups between the 2 cars. Now that I've had them, can't live without them, and don't want anything else - thus the Cayenne add-on purchase

I have PCCB on both my 911s and if I buy a cayenne (turbo or gts) it will have them too

Against the advice of many I did dozens of track days on my gen 1 PCCBs on my 996 GT3 and they are fine. With the right pads (Pagid Greens), cup ducts and an experienced driver who doesn't brake too much they are fine on track, even at Laguna which is tough on brakes

On the street they are awesome. Great presence, excellent feel and less unsprung weight I have convinced myself I can feel.

OP- glad you kept your car, very hard to find one as nicely equipped!
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Originally Posted by Para82 View Post
That's a lot of car for 27k

For me I discussed listing mine at 27k here on Rennlist and once I put up the "official" listing on Cargurus it started at 34k - day 2 raised to 44k and then pulled.

After I got the AASCO LWFW /clutch/slave cylinder work done it made it very difficult to let go - it drives perfect and very engaging. I'm making excuses to drive it again similar to those first couple years of ownership.
Well mine miserably failed the PPI. Some bearing noise coming from the tranny, RMS is leaking, needs brakes all around, and a leaking rear strut.

So if you change your mind again and want to sell...
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I'm glad you didn't go for the Corvette. Friends don't let friends drive plastic cars
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