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Throttle body size question???

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Default Throttle body size question???

Everyone is always looking for a larger diameter TB for better breathing and top end HP and I understand that. What if you dropped the diameter in size would it create more low end torque and better throttle response(I understand at a sacrifice to top end performance and breathing) ? Would this be something to try for around town driving? Im curious, does anyone have any experience with trying this?
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You will lose both torque and HP and fuel efficiency. There is no benefit for decreasing the size of the throttle body.

With smaller throttle body, all you do is create the bottle beck for the air entering the engine. Less air- less power, less efficiency.

In theory, smaller throttle body can increase air speed but it will decrease volume. On our engines, I do not see this benefiting the engine at all.
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Start breathing through a bendystraw and let me know if your bottom end torque increases.
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Any gains in going larger?
I think my x51 has larger TV but I am not sure and wonder about what a GT3 or cup size TV might do.
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Thanks for the input!
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