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Would you sell the 850CSI for a 911 or keep both?

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Default Would you sell the 850CSI for a 911 or keep both?

Hi there guys. Since I have always been a huge 911 fan I am thinking about getting one. I am talking about the newer ones. The reason I ask and I know its a long shot since its a Porsche forum but I am afraid I would miss the BMW. My heart has been always beating for the Porsche but I have never owned one.
Also would would you say Porsche is better than BMW?
There is one thing that I have been thinking.
I have BMW e31 850 "CSI" as I had all moved from a crashed CSI into my 850 and I love it. I have put actually crazy heart into and and a lot of love At the moment I am having mixed feelings and some might say afraid of owning 2 cars.
What would you do? Give me good arguments
Sell the BMW and get the 911?
Wait and just keep the BMW and get a 911 to the collection?
A friend of mine said that when I would get the 911 I would just forget about the BMW.
Another friend that actually owns both said to own them both.
So What would you do?

Here is my e31.

One from the Transfagarasan in Romania

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Keep that marvel!
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Keep both - after 6 months if you find the 850 bring neglected, collecting dust - not being driven.. consider putting it up for sale.
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^^What he said
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850 CSi is rare beast.
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So as a 911 owner you find the 850 being cool and worth owning?
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It's obvious that you love that car. I promise that you will regret selling it.
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Keep both.

I have convinced myself many times to sell my corvette, then I drive it and remember why it isn't gone. There is no greater experience than going from the scalpel like precision of the 911 to the white knuckle death grip, near death experience of the corvette.

My point: the 911 and the 850 are probably dissimilar enough that you will enjoy both tremendously and for different reasons.
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850 csi is going to be worth a mint one day. Even if you don't drive it keep it
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Easy.... sell! Even a 996 > 850
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We all have our second loves. Here's my second. Or is it my first? Either way I'm never getting rid of it, solid rear axle and all.

Keep both. You'll regret letting a rare car like that who you have so much history with, get away.
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Had an 840. Loved the car. Have a C4S now. Although not the beast that the CSI was, it was a great looking machine. I would recommend you keep that one. It is a rare car, I think they only made 210 or so of them.
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Given the appreciation potential of the 850csi, you might be better off keeping the miles lower on that and driving a newer 911 instead, keeping the 850 csi for special occasions.
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I had an 850 years ago and spent some time in the 991.1 GTS before ending up in a GT4. Is the 991 "better"? Probably. The 991 is faster, handles better, more fuel efficient, comes with more/better modern gadgets and conveniences, it can track, road trip, and commute equally well, etc. It is two decades newer so I think all those things are to be expected and it's probably more reliable and cheaper to maintain too. Oh, and the PDLS+ headlights are literally like science fiction compared to the barely glowing flip-up headlamps.

What the 911 doesn't have though is the uniqueness, the sound of the big starter whining when it fires up the v12, the more open b-pillarless greenhouse, and the smoothness of the v12. Everyone should own a manual v12 once. The E31 felt more special and I wish I still had mine for road trips.

If it were me I would keep the E31 and add the 991. E31s aren't depreciating and finding a good/clean one isn't easy. If after a year of owning both you find you never drive the 850 anymore you can always sell it then. On the other hand, if you really can only have one car, I would go 991. As good as the E31 is, life is too short not to experience some of the other amazing cars out there.

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get the 911 and keep the 850csi
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