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Interested in removing CDR-24 / BOSE head unit for Pioneer and have amp question

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Ryan Perrella
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Default Removing CDR-24 / BOSE / PCM 2.1 / Denison or MoBridge?

I'm about to take delivery of a 987 S and i'm desperate to have iPod connection and a nice interface to use it. I want to change the radio in an 05 987 S with BOSE for an aftermarket Pioneer unit.

I looked at the listing for the guy on eBay that sells the kits and see them for $250. There's an option however for a 987 with BOSE and amp replacement for $275 and a 987 BOSE kit that I believe reuses the BOSE amp for $850. I assume that you either decide to reuse the BOSE amp which is probably crap, or go with an aftermarket unit.

The last time I looked at amps 4 years ago you could find good ones for $300. I'm not worried about that, but I am worried about the wiring. If i go with an amp i don't want to have to rewire the entire car in which case id just buy the adapter and keep the BOSE amp.

I guess that by also going with an upgraded amp you could upgrade speakers at a later date, but I then again i don't need an amazing sound system, my main goal is to have an iPod adapter with a good interface and the aftermarket does that better than anyone else.

What do I do?

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Ryan Perrella
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Do I retrofit a PCM 2.1 into the car and add an aftermarket iPod and bluetooth interface to it?

I wouldn't normally consider this an option but I think I have a contact that can get these remanufactured for about $1,000 - $1,200.

I think that would solve a few problems

1) factory look
2) Bose integration without an adapter
3) with a hack i can add iPod and bluetooth
4) it could probably be done for less than $2,000

I dread not having access to my iPhone and its music.
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Marine Blue
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PCM 2 is ok but not great. It actually sounds good but the bluetooth connectivity is limited to the phone only, no streaming music. To play music from your phone you'll need to use the aux input which means you'll need to control the music from your phone.

I really can't offer any suggestions on going the other route with aftermarket head unit and amp, you might try posting on Planet 9 for that.
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If your primary objective is ipod integration and not necessarily replace the HU, there are a few options. The popular ones I'm aware of are:
1) factory ipod integration kit.
2) Dension Gateway ($500) that integrates with the head-unit. It's more integrated (install is more complex). A lot of people have this b/c of the integration. It's probably most expensive of the options.
3) Alpine RDS-1 ($100). It's an FM modulation unit that hooks up _inline_ to the factory antenna. Does a great job overpowering any existing radio station that may share the preset freq. Not to be confused with the wireless FM units.
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I just bought an 2008 Boxster S RS60 and also wanted iPOD integration. I installed a system that I am VERY happy with (see below). The sound is absolutely amazing, as is user interface for both iPOD and navigation. The amp is quite compact, and fits in the top storage compartment of the front trunk. Pioneer has a mounting kit that makes the unit look completely factory - very slick. It's a bit more than what you are looking to spend, but in my opinion worth every penny. It was installed by Alan Shek, owner of KHF ( in Toronto, Canada. He really know his stuff, and is also a Porsche enthusiast. I'd post some pictures but I haven't quite figured out how to do that on this site yet!

-Pioneer AVIC-140BH
-Alpine PDX-V9 5 channels Amp
-Wiring kit w/premuim RCAs x 3
-Focal 8" speaker set
-Sound proofing for front doors
-Mounting kit
-Wiring harness
-Ant. apt.
-Labour 8 hrs.
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Ryan Perrella
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Default UPDATE

I thought I'd update this thread.

I just bought an RS 60 and have decided to retrofit PCM 2.1 for the CDR-24.

I decided to do this for a number of reasons.

1) I am put off by an aftermarket install kit because my car has BOSE and in order to retrofit I would have to pay nearly $900 for a kit to work with the BOSE amp. I think the BOSE stereo output is good and I can't justify an aftermarket amp or an install kit with that price tag. I addition to the install kit, I would of course have to pay for the aftermarket radio. Plus side of this is far more advanced head unit with a bunch more functions, but I really only need iPod. XM would be nice as thats not an option currently for the PCM upgrade below.

2) Although I find PCM 2.1 to be a bit clunky, the reason I like it is the obvious factory look and the fact that with some extra equipment, i can add bluetooth and iPod and access it through the factory controls.

So I have a PCM unit from an eBay auction and I'm now looking into the bluetooth interface. A number of our 2008 cars that come in off lease have a Tooki unit and it works pretty well. While its a perfectly functional system, i think they're more expensive and use slightly older technology.

I'm considering a MoBridge adapter or the new Denison Gateway thats available in 1-2 weeks. I use an iPhone 4S exclusively and want the best possible interface for iPod control. Bluetooth quality is important but I wouldn't be swayed by how they rank unless one unit was terrible.

Does anyone care to comment on MoBridge or Denison units? Likes / Dislikes?

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